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Original articles from Robert Calvanico.
On Cursing!!!
​If you are in a marketing role and you condone cursing as part of your brand positioning or messaging strategy, you’re making an egregious mistake. All the passion and relevance you think you are adding are being Trumped (yes) by off-brand messaging. If cursing is not part of your brand and you are cursing, you are distracting me from the core message.

One Word: 'Amplification'
Ladies and Gentlemen, Jimi Hendrix: The ultimate model for content marketers. Huh? Yep, and here’s an explanation of why, courtesy of Jonathan Schwartz, the legendary radio personality and master of encyclopedic musical knowledge.

Digital Infographics, Video, and the Value of Visual Content
Content. It’s the magic word for digital marketers, but you already knew that. What you may not have known is that the form of your content has a direct impact on how the digital world sees (and evaluates) you. And visualizing your content is increasingly important, as shown by its use both by B2B and B2C marketers.

Filter, Don’t Find
Overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of new information out there (in here?) about digital trends, content marketing, data/analytics, conversion funnels, and everything else we angst-ridden marketing geeks wrestle with daily? Me too. Well, there is a way, my friends. A way to access what you want and ONLY what you want.

Advocating for Net Promoters
What is it that we’re trying to do here? C’mon, all you social marketers, what is your ultimate goal? Put aside all the buzz and platform adoption and device/content prioritizing. What are your clients paying you to do? Sell something. Period. Every single communication should ultimately persuade someone to take an action that generates revenue, now or later.

A Complex Digital Equation for Brands. And a Simple Solution.
We’re connected to technology almost two-thirds of our hours awake. Surprised? Maybe you shouldn’t be. After all, the number of mobile Internet devices will outnumber humans by the end of the year, according to Cisco.

Bottom Line: Social Media is Essential for Brands
Are companies listening? Several studies suggest the answer is no. A number of recently published reports show that more than 70% of customer-service complaints on SM were ignored. That’s a staggering number and one that may already be having an impact on how consumers view SM.

Digital Is People, Too
We wanted to watch an online video news clip. So we clicked. And we were forced to sit through a Cadillac commercial. Ugh. But you know what? we thought. Not this time. We'll move onto some other content on this site and skip the video. So we move our mouse over the bottom of the video to stop the commercial. But there's no way to stop it. There's no pause or stop button.

Big Data, Big Banks: Big Security Issue?
With President Obama’s data-mining team receiving so much (and deserved) credit for his re-election, the use of micro-targeting may just start receiving the “sexy” tag. Amazing; data being described as sexy. So, are you tired of hearing about “Big Data” yet? I hope not, because it’s only getting bigger. And bigger. And it’s already pretty big.

Relevance vs. Privacy: More Relevant Than Ever for Brands, Part II
How pervasive is the relevance vs. privacy issue? This summer, the White House issued its own plan to help protect consumers’ online privacy. Calling for an online privacy “bill of rights,” President Barack Obama said that American consumers “can't wait any longer for clear rules of the road that ensure their personal information is safe online.”

Relevance vs. Privacy: More Relevant Than Ever for Brands, Part I
Six recent studies suggest privacy concerns are growing right along with the proliferation of new devices and technologies. For marketers, these numbers add yet another layer of complexity to their efforts to reach consumers with relevant, compelling content. The studies’ implication is clear: Trust and transparency can have a direct impact on the bottom line.


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