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Original articles from Greg Dorn.
The 'S' Stands for Strategy: Apple's Plan
By now, the dust has settled in Cupertino as Apple, for the first time, released two iPhone models in the same year. Despite Tim Cook’s pledge to “double down on secrecy,” the event offered no shockers. For months, we saw the rumor mill spin frantically with talks of fingerprint IDs and a “cheaper” yet colorful, plastic phone. When the likes of Cook, Schiller, and Federighi hit the stage...

Best Apps for Fantasy Football
With Labor Day weekend behind us, the glorious start to the NFL season remains well within reach. The air begins to cool, white pants get tossed in the closet, and game day hoodies hang ready for action. Football has finally arrived! And for the fantasy fanatics who spend hours prepping their teams for Sunday’s (or Monday’s, or Thursday’s) big game, mobile devices become your best friend. You’re always on the go, and you never know when news of an injury might strike.

All That Glitters is Gold
By now it’s old news, yet it remains speculation — the new iPhone(s) will be released on September 10; at least that is what the “sources” say. But after all, we are talking about Apple, and anything is possible. Rumors have been circulating that for the first time, those lucky enough to receive invitations...

iPad Owners: When Should You Upgrade?
Back in 2010, Steve Jobs took the stage to once again change our lives. In his signature, grandiose style, he unveiled the iPad for everyone to see. Tablets had surfaced in the past, but no company seemed to get it right. Why, after all, would we need some kind of hybrid between a smartphone and a laptop? However, much like he did with the iPod and iPhone, Jobs charismatically convinced the world they needed something that didn’t even exist. A novelty item soon became the norm for mobile computing...

Battle of the App Stores
Quarterly earnings can reveal a lot about a company’s strength and future performance. This goes double for the tech world, as consumer sentiment often changes in a matter of months. Whether relevant or not to the actual well-being of Apple and Google, Wall Street has expressed their feelings regarding the revenue, earnings, and sales numbers of the two tech giants.

Jay Z Adapts and Prevails
Once upon a time, album promotions consisted of eye-popping music videos and radio-friendly singles. If an artist was hot, that’s all it took for a CD to go platinum in a week’s time. My, how the times have changed. For the last 10 years, music sales have diminished significantly. While that conversation has been done to death, artists still seek new and innovative ways to build hype...

The App Store Turns Five
Steve Jobs was not the kind of man to admit he was wrong. On the contrary, his infamous “distorted reality field” caused him to clash with anyone who defied his intuition. He behaved in a childlike manner, throwing temper tantrums when colleagues questioned his genius.

Android Users: What Are You Doing with Your Phone?
When the leaves begin to change and autumn comes around, Apple may very well release three different iPhones: The iPhone 5s, the cheaper iPhone, and the bigger-screen iPhone. But until that time comes, the latter two are only speculation. What we do know is that in the past six years, Apple has always put its eggs in one basket.

Instagram and Vine Face Off
Never in the history of technology has the competition been so fierce and cutthroat (although one can make a case for Apple and Microsoft circa the mid 1980s). Companies no longer simply announce new products or features; they create a firestorm of anticipation, send out ambiguous invitations, and throw grand unveilings. Today, things move at lighting speeds, making it imperative to keep up. Perhaps this originated from Steve Jobs’ performance-like spectacles.

We've Got the Software. Now Where's the Hardware?
Four days in, WWDC is well underway. For an entire week, Apple offers developers from around the world the chance to attend hundreds of lectures, sessions, and hands-on workshops. But to the general public, the long-awaited announcements during the opening keynote stand second to none. That’s where the juicy details of rumors and speculation finally get validated.

What Do Apple and Google Bring to the Streaming Music Table?
It’s clear by now that we love our streaming music services. Renting our tunes, rather than owning them, has become the dominant form of rocking out. Some have been around for a while and paved the way for this musical revolution. Pandora came about in 2000, using recommendation algorithms to build custom-made radio stations. In 2006, Spotify altered the game and offered a monthly fee in exchange for access to a library of songs. Imitators have since followed, some combining...

The Gchat App to Rule Them All
In the last few years, Google has released an assembly line of standalone iOS applications, each highlighting one of the tech giant’s many services. We have the Google Search app for, well, search (and more recently, Google Now). There’s the Gmail app, designated to access one of the most popular email platforms on the net.

Apple's WWDC: What Will We See?
This past week, Google unveiled a variety of software functions at their annual I/O conference in San Francisco. The amount of dazzling new features successfully distracted us from the lack of new hardware. Plus, with the Android-operated Galaxy S IV selling over 10 million units in record time, the Google faithful had plenty to smile about.

Google Came Out Swinging
Not even a day and a half into Google’s annual I/O conference, and the tech giant has revealed and released an impressive array of functionalities, capabilities, and cool new tricks. The Internet has been abuzz about Google’s future plans following the conference opening. And given the fact that no new hardware was announced, that’s quite a feat (we’re looking at you, Google Glass, although major apps such as Facebook and CNN were announced today...)

Are Food Delivery Apps Making Us Fat?
For as long as there’s been man, man has been hungry. History has shown that we have adapted to our environments and constructed more efficient tactics to feed our cravings. When all we had were our instincts and a spear, hunting became our primary method. We then learned the concept of goods and services, allowing us to walk the streets and purchase our food at stands. Food stands eventually evolved into enclosed establishments, or as we know them today, restaurants.

What Do We Want Out of iOS 7?
It seems as the years have gone by, Apple has waited longer and longer to announce new products, features and software. On the other hand, maybe it just seems that way. I’m going to go with the latter. Because in reality, it was only seven months ago that Apple literally revamped all of its hardware...

iTunes Celebrates 10 Years
It’s hard to imagine a world without iTunes. We once resorted to music piracy and burned CDs to fill our 80 GB iPods. There simply was no other option. Some vowed never to buy music again. After all, why would you pay when you could get it for free? Then, Apple churned out a game-changer that turned the record business on its head. The product was so seamless, so elegantly designed, it became nearly impossible to resist those 99-cent price tags. On April 28, iTunes will celebrate its tenth birthday.

Twitter Enters Music Streaming? #KindOf
These days, Twitter seems to be sticking its ambitious nose in the many facets of social media. First, we saw the acquisition of Vine, a video service tailor made to share six-second videos as Tweets. Now, Twitter has created its very own standalone app, Twitter #music, to get in on the growing popularity of streaming our music. However, our favorite 140-character micro-blog may have something different up their creative sleeves. Twitter #music is much less an outlet for music streaming...

Video Killed the Photo Sharing Star
Once upon a time, believe or not, we were content with simple text as a means of expressing ourselves through social media. The phrase “away message” now sounds ancient and outdated, once reserved for the likes of AIM and Facebook’s limited capabilities. So we demanded more in the ways we shared and communicated. Text would no longer cut it. We now craved visual imagery and dynamic pictures to take control of our social networks. Facebook introduced photos...

Start Me Up: The Stones Get Social
Those who have come of age in the era of social networking and constant connectivity certainly know a thing or two about navigating through this virtual world. They say anyone born now or in the last couple of years — frequently referred to as “millennials” — will be even more competent in the intricacies of the Internet. However, if you thought dear old mom and dad have remained in the dark regarding the power of social media, think again. Just ask four old geezers who clock in at 65, 69, 69, and 71 years of age...

Apple's Road to Better Mapping
What happens when you release a product that bombs on a scale of epic proportions? The answer is simple: you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hit the road running. It may be a long road ahead, but Apple has been inching closer and closer in improving the ridiculed Apple Maps. The progress may be minimal, but it’s comforting to know that we may soon see a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended). Apple went into serious damage control mode upon the release of iOS 6...

It's March! How to Keep Up with the Madness
It’s that time of year again, when we all begin to bleed our school colors and virtually no work gets done during that first Thursday-Friday stretch. They call it March Madness for a reason; things can get pretty hectic keeping up with every score, every upset, and every buzzer-beater from around the nation. Luckily, like it has for so many other major events, social media swoops in for the rescue.

Battling the Smartphone Thief
Nearly half of all Americans own smartphones. Much like the key and wallet check, our trusted handsets have become a staple accessory, never leaving our sides from the minute we step out the door. As our phones have become more powerful and full of endless capabilities, prices have soared to unprecedented levels. Unfortunately, this has led smartphones to be an attractive score for lurking thieves looking to cash in on the growing black market for stolen devices. The rise in iPhone thefts in particular has become so prevalent...

The Future of the Daily Deal Craze
Who doesn’t love a great deal? As long as goods have been purchased, discounted items have transformed ordinary shoppers into monstrous, sale-seeking lunatics. People naturally flock to the reduction racks at their favorite over-priced clothing departments. A vacation without a package deal burns too big of a hole in our pockets.

Billboard Feels the Power of YouTube
They say that the first time may be an accident, but the second time proves to be no fluke. After South Korean artist Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became the most-watched video ever on YouTube (over a billion views), Billboard had no choice but to take notice. Now that the newest viral craze “Harlem Shake” has blown up on the Internet...

Are We Ready to Wear Our Hardware?
The Apple rumor mill is once again spinning at a furious pace. With no new iPad, iPhone, or iMac announcements expected until the fall, all eyes have been on the much talked about iWatch. The actual existence of this product gained some serious traction after The New York Times threw some fuel to the fire. The beyond-reputable news source has confirmed with Apple’s Cupertino headquarters that a watch is certainly in the works.

Jailbreaking: Why You Should Avoid It
To the everyday iPhone user, the recent iOS 6.1 update served as a mere tweak devised to smooth out a couple of the bugs and blips found in iOS 6. But to the iPhone power user, iOS 6.1 functioned as the final piece of a long-awaited puzzle. The code has officially been cracked for jailbreaking any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running Apple’s latest mobile operating system. Needless to say, this news left the latter of the two groups extremely ecstatic. However, for the former group of iDevice owners...

To Case or Not to Case
I’ll admit it. I am an Apple fanboy in every sense of the word. Sure, I have owned a MacBook laptop for as long as I can remember. But to me, it merely served as an essential tool that happened to look snazzy and run beautifully. After all, didn’t everyone have a computer? Surely my MacBook ownership didn’t qualify me as an Apple fanatic. The same goes for my mundane flip phone collection in which I churned through dozens over the years. I cannot even count the number of times I left one in a bar or lost another in a cab.

BlackBerry's Last Stand
It’s been a known fact for quite some time that BlackBerry’s future remained uncertain. Clinging to life support, the company that once dominated the smartphone market was left mercilessly in the dust of the more sexy and fashionable Android and iOS devices. But for over 18 months, the corporation formally known as RIM had promised that something special stood looming in the shadows.

Apple and the Bullies of Wall Street
We’ve heard these words again and again: Apple is doomed! Given the fact that the tech giant has and always will remain under the sharpest microscope, that phrase is most likely to be uttered many times over the next 10 years. Anxious investors need only look at Apple’s plummeting stock price. Since it reached a record high of $705.07 a share back on Sept. 21...

Pebble: The Wait is Finally Over
Way back when, a group of inventors sought to create a wearable device that speaks to your phone. In the age of endless phone calls and pop-up notifications, why spend the time and energy rummaging through your purse or pocket to see what the racket’s all about? Why not have the ability to simply look at your watch and therefore determine if pulling out your handset is worth the effort? This became the exact train of thought of the folks behind the most successful Kickstarter project of all time.

The Rise of the 'Phablet'
Once upon a time, everyday electronic gadgets were once luxury innovations owned only by the ultra-wealthy and elite organizations. Portable telephones started out at gargantuan sizes. The very earliest computers filled entire rooms. Camera equipment took multiple people to lug around the necessary equipment. One can only imagine that people envisioned a day...

Seinfeld Elevates TV on the Internet
Jerry Seinfeld saw it coming from a mile away. Television as we know it is a dying breed. Long gone are the days of dreary cable channels, bombarded with endless commercials and advertisements. No longer do we tune in at 8/7 central to catch the latest episode in real time...

Apple Looks to 2013
To say 2012 was a big year for Apple is perhaps the understatement of the century. Nearly every product under the tech giant’s vast umbrella saw significant, headline-grabbing revamps. The full-sized iPad received not only one, but two renovations (albeit some backlash from iPad 3 owners rocked by a new product merely six months later). The MacBook Pro underwent an extraordinary spec-makeover with the 15-inch retina display, followed closely by the 13-inch (the highest selling Mac) obtaining the same treatment.

Want to Create a Startup? Solve a Problem
The Internet is a vast space of information and knowledge; a place where millions of great minds (and not so great ones) flock to share ideas and innovations. More than ever before in the history of mankind, anything we do, want, create, express, and consume is a mere click away. With the entire world at our fingertips, many see this as an opportunity for lucrative inventions and money-making...

Want to Work Less? Put Down the Smartphone
Once upon a time, our workdays were a consistent 9 to 5 routine. We slept until the last minute in order to make it to the cubicle by 9, and whizzed out of there the second the clock hit 5. These days, what we consider “the workday” isn’t nearly as concrete, and the one-time standard of eight hours a day now seems like a semi-day off. Research has shown that the culprit is none other than...

Do Streaming Music Services Make iTunes 11 Obsolete?
Earlier in the year, Apple had promised eager iTunes users that a highly anticipated and sorely needed update would arrive by the end of October. As October came and went, the promise was bumped to November. As we waited and waited, it seemed as though Apple once again would fail to deliver. Then, on nearly the last possible day, November 29, the update finally rolled out. The Apple stratosphere let out a collective sigh of relief…at least for the time being.

Did Facebook Overstep Its Cover Photo Boundaries?
It came without warning. As many Facebook users went to check their own profile pages, something mysteriously was missing. Where it went, they had no idea. But someone or something had taken down their cover photos without informing the unsuspecting users. Not surprisingly, many took to Facebook, Twitter, and any other online platform to express their disapproval.

Steve Jobs' iCar Vision is Realized
It’s obvious at this point that Apple and innovation have long been synonymous with each other. Apple has not only masterminded some of the most important and groundbreaking products of the last 50 years, they have virtually created their marketplaces. We can go on and on regarding the revolutionary successes of the iPod...

The 'App Bubble' Creates a New Economy
When the iPhone was first released in 2007, the handset came equipped with only one screen that housed access to a few pre-installed apps. These were the only functions available, yet the sexy hardware and game-changing touchscreen were enough to grab our attention. What were these square-like icons that populated this innovative screen? Surely we didn’t call them “apps,” as the now-popular phrase wasn’t even in our vocabulary. Five years later, there is now an entire economy centered on apps.

The Great iPhone/Lumia 920 Experiment
We love our smartphones. We love them so much that it’s nearly impossible to switch from one operating system to another. iPhone users are traditionally the most stubborn of the bunch. Once they’re hooked into the iOS ecosystem, Android or Windows don’t stand a chance. This is why Mashable’s iPhone fanatic Christina Warren’s iPhone/Lumia 920 experiment caught my eye.

Apple is Down, But There's No Reason to Worry
Back on September 21, Apple, Inc. made history. As their stock shot up to a record-high $705 a share, they became the largest company ever in terms of market cap. The iPhone 5 had just hit shelves, and Apple was riding a wave of success. All was well in Cupertino, CA. Then, in the span of two months, Apple’s stock began to plummet.

A Lesson in Twitter Etiquette
Whether we wish to admit it or not, Twitter has become a game of numbers. Much has been analyzed about what constitutes a quality tweet, or their ability to effectively engage or attract an audience. It could be the content, the length, an attention-grabbing pic, or an appealing link. We can spend all day pondering how to craft stimulating tweets in an attempt to amass followers.

Is Facebook Killing Off Messenger and Camera?
Ever since Facebook’s iOS application came out of the gate in 2008, it has unsurprisingly been one of the most downloaded applications among Apple’s astounding 750,000 apps. Given the fact that nearly half of Facebook’s billion users access the site on mobile devices, this makes perfect sense. In fact, I do not believe it has ever dipped below the top 50 free apps since its debut.

It's Election Day! Here's How to Stay Up to Date
You’ve heard the cries for reform. You’ve seen the pleas for change. From every newspaper to TV spot to online headline, this election is being billed as one of the most important in years. With unemployment, foreign policy, and the economy at the forefront, that billing may not be too far off. Ever since Barack Obama took office back in January of 2009, the campaign for 2012 was underway. Now after weeks, months, and even years of waiting, Decision 2012 is finally upon us.

Upset About the iPad 4th Gen? Get Over It!
It took a mere seven months to make the iPad 3, aka “The New iPad” aka the “iPad with Retina display” (or whatever you want to call it) not only last gen, but no longer in production. Given the fact that many people bought their hot “new” iPad only months ago, many were also left in dismay as Apple threw a curveball in their upgrading schedule.

The Storm Has Passed: Social Media Picks Up the Pieces
Hurricane Sandy saw catastrophic destruction. Cities were shut down, crucial transportation systems were halted, our financial institutions were at a standstill, and people were left with the painful task of rebuilding their lives. Unfortunately, as with many natural disasters, none of this matters to those who tragically lost their lives.

Who Will Facebook Choose: Users or Investors?
As soon as Facebook went public on that fateful day on May 18, the company entered into uncharted territories and forever changed the road on which it would travel. For eight years, Facebook employees poured their hearts, sweat, and tears into creating the most satisfying and flawless user experience for their nearly 950 million+ registered users. They created photo sharing, the wall, and of course the news feed.

A Little Something About the iPad Mini
The curtains have been drawn, the unveiling finally took place and we now know everything there is to know about the iPad mini. If we have learned anything this past year, no matter how much Apple tries to “double down on secrecy”, it’s nearly impossible to do so. With so many oversea manufacturers producing parts and leaking images, Apple fanatics are able to predict every last detail of forthcoming products. Therefore, Apple’s introduction of the iPad mini did not offer many surprises (at least in the ultra-obsessive tech world). The look was correctly predicted, the specs were in line with estimates...

Apple's Passbook: What's the Deal?
Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for…months; at least in some fashion. Besides the highly criticized maps app and the disappearance of Google’s pre-installed YouTube app, Passbook has been the darling application of the newly introduced iOS 6. It’s been well over a month since the new iOS has been in the hands of the public, and both consumers and developers alike continue to ask, what exactly is Passbook? When we first saw it in action on stage at the WWDC, it seemed like Apple had something great.

Sorry, Twitter: Facebook 'Liked' Presidential Debate #2
Twitter and Facebook were both around during the last Presidential debate in 2008. That was exactly four years ago, an eternity in the tech world. Therefore, it would be arbitrary to compare the social media numbers of these two juggernauts between 2008 and 2012. What is interesting is the drastic change in how social media was used between this year’s first and second debates.

Battery Life Blues: Apple's Burden
It's like a drug. You're all ready to step out of the house, keys and wallet in hand. You grab your iPhone from its charger and gaze at that big beautiful bar at 100%. You feel invincible, as your trusty gadget has the full strength to take on any task thrown your way. With the whole day ahead, you're ready to conquer whatever endeavors you might encounter. All is well in the world. Then, without warning, that first incident occurs. The bar reduces just a sliver, and suddenly you're on edge.

Apple Developers: Welcome to Android's World
A long time ago, in a tech galaxy far, far away, Apple released their revolutionary iPhone. Smartphones had existed before, but Apple took it mainstream. Following in the footsteps of the iPod, the iPhone was a sleek gadget that allowed you to make calls, check email, listen to music, and surf the net all in one convenient place. Then, one year later, the App Store was introduced.

Tim Cook: Living In the Shadow of Steve Jobs
As the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death has come and gone, it was only inevitable that people would compare and contrast the current state of Apple under the reign of CEO Tim Cook. Needless to say, the company is doing just fine, which may be the understatement of the decade.

Facebook Reaches a Billion. Now What?
Let's cut right to the chase. We've seen the movie, heard the accusations of intellectual property theft, and witnessed Facebook's rise from its "humble" beginnings in the privacy of a Harvard dorm room. The story has been examined and done to death (thank you very much, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield).

The Elusive iPad Mini
The five million pre-orders have arrived. The lines of people have dispersed. The countless rumors have been validated or dismissed. The iPhone 5 has landed in glorious fashion and has been in the hands of tech-hungry consumers for almost two weeks. Speculation regarding this elusive handset reached feverish heights.


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