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Modern and Organic Search Engine Optimization: Black Hat, Grey Hat, and White Hat Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), put simply, is the process of raising the visibility of a website in a search engine's results. Targeted, effective optimization of a website’s keywords and terminology allows you to tap into the five billion Google, Yahoo, or Bing searches that occur each day. In other words, it helps the consumer reach your desired destination — such as your company or campaign website.

No, Google Did Not Kill PR Agencies
Google's recent changes to its search engine crawler algorithms mean that it no longer gives quality ranking to backlinks that are generated via digital press releases and other article publishing platforms. Headlines over the last few days have been asking if "Google Killed PR Agencies?"

Don't Be Boring: Best Practices for Effective Use of Video Content
Although online videos are responsible for countless wasted hours, luring viewers into a haze of cats riding Roombas and yawning puppies, they have the potential to tell a powerful story while driving home core messaging for your company.

Filtering the 'Noise' of Social Media to Enhance your Growth
Exploring and anticipating the needs of an individual, your customer, allows you to build a product that you already know they want. One way to gather these insights is by listening to individuals speaking their minds via social media. Leveraging the digital feedback and behavior of your customers...

Navigating Viral Customer Complaints
An organization’s ability to communicate has changed drastically from the “dial-up ‘90s” to the broadband and fiber world of today. In the mid-‘90s, a communications campaign included newspaper ads, radio spots, or talk show appearances. While a modern communications campaign may still include some or all...

The Digital World Is Now Mobile. Are You Prepared?
Mobile content viewing has become the norm, and with more 1.4 billion smartphones estimated to be in use by the end the year, tailoring communications for mobile platforms is more important than ever. This number provides immediate insight into the need for brands to adapt their communications approach...

Your Website Has a Voice!
Keep it simple, user-friendly and creative. When it comes to website design, these three tenets can be more challenging to stick to than you might think. It is important to remember that a website doesn’t just display information; it is a communication platform for your brand.

Choose Your Words Carefully — They Just Might Stick
According to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, “Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” It is easy to end up buried beneath an avalanche of information.

One PR Firm's Recipe for a Great Intern Program
Running a successful intern program, while extremely advantageous for a company, can be hard work. First, you have to find and interview candidates. Once chosen, you must orient, educate, and meld them with the existing components of your company. Then, just when you are starting to accept their presence and value their contributions, they are gone: back to school or back on the job hunt.

Five Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Your Personal Online Brand
If you are between the ages of five and 95, you likely have an online presence. Whether you are applying for your first job or are a seasoned professional dusting the cobwebs off of your LinkedIn profile, there are ongoing steps that must be taken to ensure that your online reputation accurately reflects your personal brand.

@Dewey: I beat Truman!...@Truman: Inaccurate reporting!
Today, we live in a world with a vast amount of potential news resources. While the number of avenues for consuming news media continues to grow, many individuals appear to be losing trust in so-called “traditional" media outlets, especially when looking for credible news. A recent Gallup survey reported that Americans are increasingly frustrated with the quality of television news.


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