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Original articles from E. V. Perkins Jr..
Vimeo Finally Explains Why It’s Not Launching Its Own Version of Netflix
Vimeo spent years insisting that it was going to launch a subscription video service just like Netflix, YouTube and many others. Then, in June, IAC’s video unit abruptly announced that it wasn’t going to do that, after all. What happened? IAC never formally explained, but it was relatively easy to guess...

The New Flickr
Yesterday was a big day for Yahoo. CEO Marissa Mayer announced their $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr and updates to Flickr. Let’s look at the new features, changes to Pro Accounts, and if you have time, the history and decline...

Will YouTube Finally Replace TV?
YouTube is about to launch paid subscriptions for some of their channels, according to recent reports. The move would include approximately 50 channels with costs starting at $1.99 per channel. It would allow operators to produce a wider range of content, such as films and TV shows. It’s been said over and over again that online video will eventually replace cable TV. YouTube’s latest development may be the impetus for this to actually happen. If expanded, YouTube would allow users to pick and choose...

How to Get More Social Media Engagement
Traditionally, marketing has been about pushing messages — Super Bowl commercials, print ads, email blasts. One-way communication. Unfortunately, that approach continues in social media. As we seek more engagement across platforms, we need to remember that true engagement involves interaction...

Twitter Upgrades Promoted Tweets
Twitter added new features to its Promoted Tweets platform last week: negative keyword targeting, automatic matching to trending topics, and bulk keyword importing. Negative keyword targeting allows you to prevent your Promoted Tweets from appearing with certain keywords.

Foursquare Lets Businesses Add Events
Last week, Foursquare began letting businesses add events to their listings. Users will see them when they search for a place to go, check-in to a location, or review their check-in history. This new feature can help businesses pull more customers into events they may already be hosting. For example, a local bar that has Trivia Night every Thursday. When people search Foursquare for a place to go, this location will pop up. They check-in on trivia night; their friends (potential customers) will see it on their profile. The next time they review their recent check-ins they’ll see this bar...

Tweet Chat Resources
A Tweet Chat is a public discussion on Twitter around a unique hashtag. It’s a great way to build your social media following, listen to and get feedback from your audience, and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. I’m considering a Tweet Chat at work and found countless websites offering guides. Google returned 114,000,000 results for "tweet chat guide." Two resources have been very helpful, so I had to share them. 1. HubSpot’s 8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat. This guide is great because it’s simple and direct. It outlines and briefly explains what you need to be successful.

4 Ways Marketers Should Use Hashtags
In his post What the Hashtag, Brett Moneta gave a great definition of what a hashtag is. “The “#” symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet… (They) are used to group, spread, and track topics.” Hashtags have extended into Instagram, so now you can use them on tweets and photos. Here are four ways marketers should use hashtags to their advantage. First, search. When you click on a keyword with a hashtag, it opens a stream of all posts containing that keyword.

Foursquare Wants to Help You Vote
The “I Voted” application was announced on the Foursquare blog yesterday. It allows you to find a voting location, learn about propositions and candidates, and see which forms of identification are needed to vote in each state. Election information is provided by Google’s Civic Information API. Other partners on this app include the Voting Information Project and Pew Center for the States. This is actually an improvement upon the “I Voted” badge and map launched in 2010. And yes, you’ll still get the badge when you check-in it at a voting location this year. All the check-ins at polling locations on November 6 will allow Foursquare to display real-time voting trends.

How Many of Your Followers are Fake or Inactive?
Fakers.statuspeople.com is Twitter application that allows you to see how many of your followers are fake or inactive. I heard about this free tool while listening to a recent Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner. Type in your Twitter name without the ‘@’ sign and it will show you the percentage of your followers are fake, inactive, or good (real, active accounts). I ran a test on the @digitalpivot account and found that 0% of its followers are fake, 5% are inactive, and 95% are good. It takes a sample of your follower data and assesses it against spam criteria. According to the website, “spam accounts tend to have few or no followers and few or no tweets.

eBay, Redesigned
eBay unveiled its website redesign last week. It includes a Pinterest-like homepage feed, auto-complete search, and same-day delivery service. These new features go along with their updated logo and daily deals service.

Election-Inspired Campaigns: Boston Market and JetBlue
Ads for this year’s presidential campaign have been seen on TV, Internet banners, video games, and mobile apps. Interest in the 2012 election is extremely high, and brands are joining in on the fun. USA Today recently ran two articles (“7-Eleven, Boston Market, Maker's Mark get political with ads” and “Pizza Hut, JetBlue, etc., try election PR stunts”) discussing brands that have jumped on the political bandwagon. Let’s take a closer look at the online campaigns run by Boston Market and JetBlue. Boston Market recently launched a limited-time only menu item: Market Bowls. There are three options to choose from.

Online Review Police
Customer reviews are a valuable source of information. They provide brands with insights, while encouraging (or discouraging) others to buy products. The authenticity of online reviews is often questioned. Unfortunately, some companies post highly favorable reviews of their own products and very negative reviews of their competitors. The Federal Trade Commission addresses this issue in their truth in advertising guidelines and threatens to impose various sanctions on offenders (including bloggers).

How Brands Used the GQ Live! App
I flipped through more than 100 pages to see which brands made the most of GQ Magazine’s GQ Live! Mobile Application. This app lets you view additional content on all advertisements and featured editorial pieces in the September 2012 issue. It functions similarly to QR Codes. After launching the app, hold it over a page so that most of the page fills the viewfinder. In fact, let’s just say that QR Codes grew up. Brands approached this app in a variety of ways, but they appeared to fall into two categories.

What Are Real Followers Worth to You?
Fake followers and likes have received a lot of attention lately. "Facebook is weeding out fake likes...," "33% of the @Twitter account followers are fake...," and so on. Whether your fake followers came from an automated spambot, were purchased from a third party, or were set up by a summer intern, it's wrong. It cheapens the brand, breaks trust, and wastes resources. A lot of time, effort, and money go into to social media marketing. Having it wasted on people who don't exist has to make you feel something.

Mobile CRM with a Smile
My last birthday started out like any other. Text messages from close friends, voicemails from family, and “HBD” posts on Facebook from people I won’t talk to until next year. I also received birthday offers from every brand whose email newsletter I subscribe to. The surprise of the day was a text from the dentist’s office: “Happy Birthday ENRICO! We hope you have many reasons to smile today.” There’s no denying the popularity, effectiveness, and staying power of mobile marketing.


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