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Original articles from Christopher J. Ryan.
Fooducate Scores a Healthy A+ App Review
Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet hit the App market in December 2011. Fooducate is a highly useful app, and somewhat of a hidden gem in the app market. Google Play reports over 500,000 downloads, but this isn’t the highest download tier. (Facebook has 100,000,000+ downloads.) Fooducate is for hardcore dieters and straight-up curious cats alike. It is important to know what you put in your body. Part of staying fit is eating healthy foods, and Fooducate delivers this. A Fooducate user review states, “Fooducate is like having a dietitian on speed dial.” The basic premise behind Fooducate can be seen in the coining of the word, merging: (1) food and (2) educate. This lifestyle design tool reveals the true value of products seen at grocery stores and boutique food marts.

Foursquare Integrates Social into Company DNA
Foursquare was a location-based service where users could check in to share their travel habits, battle for turf via mayorships, share tips, and upload photos. Building a network (friends) was fun, too. This is a nice balance of social connection and competition. Foursquare’s latest development is another link in the normalizing gaze of digital culture. We are able to monitor the activities of our friends with a single app. Combined with Facebook, Twitter, etc. it’s difficult to miss a beat. The new Foursquare is trending toward social. There are many exciting service changes, as a fellow Digital Pivot blogger, Elaine Reed, writes in The Facebooking of Foursquare. The amount of click-through points has increased in Foursquare. It requires a little more familiarity with the app, so jumping in is more difficult.

6 WordPress Features for New Bloggers
WordPress (WP) is an industry leader in content management, providing high-quality backend blog platform technology that is especially useful for beginners and intermediate skilled users. The interface is most user-friendly and very capable of producing high-quality content and design. Joomla requires the user to be a bit more tech-savvy and knowledgeable. You can use WordPress for private domains via FTP upload. WordPress also offers hosting and domain plans, but it is more cost-effective to go elsewhere. (Host Gator and Moniker are great choices.) The focus today will be WordPress’ free blogging services — here’s how you can sign up!


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