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Original articles from Melody Weister.
When Did ‘Dislike’ Become the New ‘Like’?
A peculiar behavior seems to have seized hold of my news feeds lately, not only on Facebook, but also on sites like Tumblr, Google+, and other miscellaneous blogs that I follow. New products of all kinds continuously appear, only to be shredded by both critics and amateur reviewers alike. It doesn’t happen only in the world of technology, although the examples in that area are the most prominent; it happens now with each new movie release and television series debut.

No Girls Allowed? Sexual Harassment in Technology and Gaming
It’s a truth in the world of technology and video games that we don’t hear discussed, except in whispers, or via the anonymity of the Internet. It happens more than we admit, and it has been happening for as long as the field has been around. But more and more, the topic is inching toward mainstream, and the hum of whispers is burgeoning into a call to action. I’m referring to the vicious sexual harassment of women who work and play in these arenas.

Is the Facebook Culture Setting Us Up to Get Robbed?
Let’s be honest: you’ve probably seen an infinite number of articles lately about how “over-sharing” on social networks is bad for you. Such articles cite multiple instances to prove how this over-sharing mentality can be bad not only for your job, but also for your parents’ sanity (yes, college students, I’m looking at you), for your social life, and even sometimes for your marriage. You’ve probably done exactly what I have: skimmed over these articles and dismissed them as “melodramatic.” The story that got me thinking this weekend seemed just as simplistic; a 17-year-old girl shared a photo on Facebook that caused several armed robbers to break into her mother’s home.

What Exactly Is Verizon Trying to Prove?
A question has been nagging at my mind since Verizon’s newest customer-unfriendly policy came to light; for those unaware to what I’m referring, the CFO of Big Red recently let on that those consumers currently grandfathered in to unlimited data plans will most likely be unable to keep them the next time they renew their service.

Dell Apologizes For 'Shut Up, B****' Comments, but Is It Enough?
Dell recently made headlines following an incident that occurred at a partner event in Copenhagen attended by none other than Michael Dell himself. Danish “Inspirational Speaker” (read: International Misogynist) Mads Christensen addressed the crowd.

Dan Hesse: A CEO Worth Emulating
As someone who grew up watching a parent run a business, I’ve always paid attention to CEOs who rise to the forefront of media attention. Many of them, like the revolving door of those unfortunate souls in charge of RIM, incur nothing but a growing disappointment in heads of major corporations and a concern for the future of our country. However, Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, long ago earned a place in my heart. Although Sprint may not be the chief carrier in the nation, his manner of running a business is an inspiration.

Scheming with Accomplices: The Newest Must-Join Network
This new site not only tackles the issue of what a place has to offer, but also provides users with the ability to join in on the plans of friends worldwide. Initially launched by a small team of Google engineers as a closed beta and finally released to the public in the last week, Schemer is the most unique social network to arrive on the scene in years.

How Samsung’s Galaxy Teaser Site Teaches Effective Marketing
It popped up sometime yesterday morning, and had been featured on every major tech blog by the end of the day: the site tgeltaayehxnx.com, an anagram of “thenextgalaxy.com,” sporting a ticker that counted down the hours until 7 o’clock this morning, at which point it promised that users could “take the next step.” With a widely promoted London event coming on May 3, assumed to be the launch of the Galaxy S III, curiosity had the rumors and guesses flying all about the Internet.

Why Do They Do It? An Exploration of the Mindset Motivating Piracy
What’s left when all our sacred escapes of fancy from youth have fled in the face of inflation and joblessness? What do we do when we cannot even afford the costs which enable our minds to slip the surly bonds of reality for a few hours, to fly about the globe and live vicariously?

Why is Everyone Else Mad at Instagram Lately?
So what happened recently that suddenly has iPhone users’ outrage directed away from Instagram critics and toward Instagram itself? In case you haven’t been following the news lately, here is a quick rundown on the two major changes to Instagram that have the iPhone community up in arms. First was the release of Instagram for Android, a few weeks after my article was published. Android users had made do without Instagram until its release, but most had an interest in downloading it.

The Big Bad Wolf in Modern Times: Are We Sharing Too Much?
It may seem a silly metaphor, but when considering the amount of child kidnappings and Amber Alerts we see annually, it suddenly becomes more apt. Lately, though, it seems the world of Foursquare and Facebook Check-ins may be encouraging us to forget the fables and the advice of our elders, and with the advent of apps like “Girls Around Me,” I become increasingly less convinced that the amount we share online is anything but an endangerment, especially to young adults. So if you’re stopping by Granny’s house this evening, perhaps think twice about how much you share on Facebook, Twitter, and apps like Foursquare.

'Alarmed and Outraged': How Two U.S. Senators are Trying to Save Your Facebook Privacy
Imagine, if you will, this scenario: You enter a job interview, nervous, hiding your sweaty palms while trying to keep a level head and answer the questions your potential employer asks. You think you’ve done well until the final question comes at you and leaves you reeling. “Could I just have your Facebook login information here, then?”

'Phoneography' is Ruining Photography
I’ve been noticing something disturbing in the world of social media over the past twelve months. Instead of the normal high-quality photos taken by either professional photographers, or just those with a passion for true photography, the photos being toted around the internet as “artsy” are all being taken with the same app: Instagram. The word “phoneographer” and its current usage in articles treating photography using mobile phone applications as a legitimate craft is a disturbing trend.

Hi, TV! Samsung’s 2012 Spring Showcase Reaches Out to New Media Consumers
Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending Samsung Electronics America’s exclusive 2012 Product Showcase, in coordination with the renowned technology social network gdgt, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Not only was the technology being showcased remarkable, I found myself impressed by the way Samsung made an effort to connect with consumers.

Could Social Media Get Rush Limbaugh Fired?
In the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s inflammatory comments against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, the woman notably kept from testifying at the all-male congressional panel hearings concerning the Blunt amendment, the media reaction came quickly, but social media networks were up in arms before the first evening news broadcast could address the subject.

Uncommon Celebrities: The Changing Face of Fame in Social Media
It used to be, if you wanted to be famous, you needed a sizeable chunk of money, a home in either New York City or L.A., and preferably one or more well-connected relatives. Now, it seems, with the ever-changing face of social media, all you need is a good point and enough listeners to make it heard. While there’s still no formula on how to get famous, either “Internet famous” or “Hollywood famous,” the developments in social media have allowed for a new form of celebrity to come through the ranks: a celebrity chosen by the people, rather than chosen for them by Hollywood producers or New York directors. We’ve seen it happen a few times throughout the past few decades — out of nowhere, an “unknown” actor is cast in a film.

Everyday I'm Tumblin'
After a few years of holding a grudge against this site for pre-empting all my hilarious picture finds, I gave in and set up my own account so I could answer the question I’ve had posed to me by a few fellow Internet geeks: “What is the point of a Tumblr?” What I’ve discovered is that, while the point of Tumblr is different for a lot of people, it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers.

Dear Google: Chrome Beta is Breaking My Heart
As a woman who considers herself a technology aficionado, I try to surround myself with friends who are equally interested in the changing shape of new media. So when two of my fellow techie geeks text messages, I knew something big was going on.

More Than Birds: 4 Android Apps Worth Purchasing
At the beginning of my experience as an Android user, I would frequently insist, “There’s no way I’m paying for an app.” However, as time went by and I began to explore the operating system more, becoming increasingly comfortable with its many functions and the apps available in the marketplace, even I could not resist the pull of certain apps, most of which cost me $0.99 or less. These apps have now become part of my Android experience, and the paid versions offer features that I find to be worth the investment.

The Day the Web Went Dark: SOPA/PIPA Blackouts and the Aftermath
This week, we all discovered exactly how much influence the Internet and its many varieties of social networks can wield, as thousands of websites went dark yesterday to protest SOPA and PIPA, two bills which could essentially destroy the Internet as we know it.

Don't Make The Internet Angry: The Role of Social Media in Customer Service
When most people think about and discuss social networking and how it relates to their current jobs, they consider the positive effects that this burgeoning media affords. Networking online can be a positive force in terms of finding work.

Root Canals are Still Worse: Tips for Shopping for a New Phone
Except in the case of those who are supremely tech-savvy and decide in advance which phones they want, most consumers shudder at the thought of shopping for a new phone. The process has been called less desirable than a root canal, and has also been compared to shopping for a used car — with wireless sales representatives filling the role of the typical used-car salesman.

The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Confusing: Understanding Carrier IQ
Ever since a security researcher named Trevor Eckhart posted a video on YouTube exposing the data-logging software installed on his Android smartphone by a California-based analytics company called Carrier IQ, the entire smartphone community has been up in arms. The debacle originated in the U.S., but has since spilled over international borders: The British Information Commissioner’s Office and the European Consumers’ Organization have both recently initiated inquiries into the software, which Carrier IQ insists is used only for diagnostic purposes. Senator Al Franken has demanded that Carrier IQ release information on what data it does and doesn’t collect and the specific nature in which that data is used.


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