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Original articles from Jake Watt.
Instagram Now a Player in Social Discovery
With Thursday's launch of Instagram 3.0, the photo-sharing platform of over 80 million has created a simple, and amazingly useful, way in which to experience the world. Photo Map, as Instagram calls it, plots each filtered still life based on the location in which it was captured. While this concept is nothing new, Instagram's buyer Facebook has been doing this for a while. The Palo Alto giant's problem is mobile. The user experience in viewing photos on Facebook's app leaves much to be desired.

Meaningful Connections
The news is officially broken. Earlier this week we were all privy to a seismic shift in social media, in conversational media, with the purchase of Instagram. We now see Instagram in a different light; everything has changed drastically… Or not. Yes, Instagram was bought for Dr. Evil money by Facebook, causing many folks to be shocked and simultaneously awed. It was as if the collective had to relive the sting of being spurned by your best friend. A memory of a childhood chum that started hanging out with the popular kids.

What the Ending of Mass Effect 3 Can Teach Us About Content Strategy
Both franchises are chock full of great content, but without context it's all worthless. If your content makes folks feel as if they walked into the middle of a film, you're doing it wrong. As nearly every market is saturated with new media messaging, most won't wait around for your brand's backstory, or microsite, to clear things up. I have read more than a few blogs outlining "perfect" content strategies; many list goals as a strategy.

Checking Out Foursquare's Explore, Radar, and Future
Last Wednesday Foursquare rolled out its latest update for iOS5 that, after dropping the web version of Explore on us just a few short weeks ago, optimizes the mobile version of Explore, plays with the serendipitous Radar extension, and brings us one step closer to travel and discovery nirvana. Innovation has been a trend as of late with the most widely utilized LBS service; Foursquare is traveling down a path that goes beyond scoreboards and badges. We're now talking experiences and bar tabs.

Super Bowl I
No, this is not a retrospective on the Vincent Lombardi classic; however, in a big way, Super Bowl I occurred last night. As social media evolves from the endless possibilities found in an application opening up its API to even the most conservative corporations beginning a Twitter feed, we can expect each subsequent Super Bowl to eclipse its predecessor in more than just the roman numerals. Socially, the Super Bowl is just getting started. Last night the world watched the big game and it watched in more innovative ways. Verizon-powered tablets and mobile and (legal) streaming from the NFL and NBC websites hosted their own Super Bowl parties.

If You Like It, Put A Pin On It
I know what your wedding day will look like. Your next trip to Europe, you know, when you'll visit the Casa Malaparte? That dream home tucked away deep in Cascadia, designed to mirror the shapes and materials of your favorite skyline? I don't really know your reveries specifically, and neither does the startup I'm penning this post about. But those around you do. Those pins you share are visions on display, offered up to those who care enough to stop by your digital pinboard. Pinterest is truly an amazing shift; we are beginning to tap into a much richer digital experience and connectivity socially. Pinterest as a platform creates a community of architects, literal and nonliteral, pop culture and counter culture, kitchen and piercings...

A Shift In Social Travel
If there has been one thing social media this collection of tubes that makes up the Internet as a whole, really, has done it's really peaked an interest in taking a damn vacation. Odd that these little screens that sometimes hold us back from discovering our own cities, can instill a lust for travel to places we've never been. These often stem from the Flickr photo streams, Twitter updates, or the perfectly-modified Instagram cityscape shots from people we've never met. What is it about social that makes our hearts long for a new view?

'Path' is Long and Winding
The Path is Long and Winding. Not just a line from a song, from a band, that phrase perfectly wraps up my sentiment of the journey that is the app Path in its latest iteration. Path's beautiful interface and extremely welcoming verbiage may come off as pretentious, an air of beauty over brains; this could not be further from the truth.


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