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Original articles from Judi Cutrone.
Social Media Etiquette: The New 5-Second Rule
A week ago, I moved into a new apartment and did a dance that all movers/renters have faced at one time or another: The Cable Tango. A small billing error with the new cable company turned a simple online transaction into a truly epic headache. After a long week and a mountain of trivial irritations and the task still not done, I hung up on the customer service representative, the latest in a string of "truly sorry" customer service representatives, and did what any person on social media would do; I set out to verbally eviscerate them on Twitter. I toyed with the right words for far too long. I wanted to rant, but Twitter does not really let you rant. That 140-character cut-off suddenly felt achingly short. The customer has the money and they are supposed to have the power, but with cable companies it feels like the opposite is true.

When Did Twitter Become My Favorite Keyword Tool?
As digital media evolves, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving vernacular. The good news is that when it comes to needing buzz-worthy keywords, I have the perfect tool: Twitter search. Once, a colleague was confused over which word to use in his hunt for SEO-friendly navigation links. "Are we saying 'digital' now or 'virtual'?" he asked.

Explaining Twitter 101: Celebs Who 'Get' It
In my work, I hear the words "I don't get Twitter" a lot. And explaining the appeal and value of Twitter can be difficult; it's a bit like describing a telephone to someone who has never seen one before. Luckily, there are many celebrities who "get" the platform instinctively, making this conversation much, much easier.

Pinterest's New Look and How You Should Respond To It
The statement "nobody likes change" is nothing new but nothing else quite sends that message home like the reaction from your social media networks whenever one of our favorite platforms undergoes a makeover. For every one positive reaction, it seems like there are nine negative ones.

Why You Should Spy on Yourself (With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
It's time to stop stalking your ex-boyfriends, those kids who went to your junior high, and your mother's third cousin (who did that thing once that we do not speak of now). Put aside the exploits of your former coworkers, your current coworkers, and your best friend's big brother. Ignore, for a moment, what your friend's friend just pinned or what your neighbor's dog just blogged. I

When Will Blogging Officially Be Considered Entertainment?
If I, and millions upon millions of users, find some bloggers so entertaining, why are they still not considered "entertainment" by traditional media? Why are they so celebrated and yet not celebrities? If a post goes viral but a magazine doesn't even mention it, did that post really exist? Am I the only one who feels the enormity of that disconnect? Consider the website Hyperbole and a Half. Mention Allie Brosh's website by name and you'll likely hear a groan if the person is also a fan: Brosh does not update her website often, to the sadness of her many admirers. She is, according to her last post which went up in October, in the middle of writing a book and waging quite the battle against depression. Brosh's Facebook page has almost 300,000 fans.

How to Make Your Own Newspaper Using Social Media
Recently, a friend asked me how I could stand to spend so much time, personally and professionally, immersed in social media. I told him that, a while ago, I was feeling the same pinch and decided to hone all my networks to suit my needs; I used Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to create my own newspaper. Here's how I did it. 1. Twitter. Twitter is the perfect vehicle for breaking news.

The Ballad of Ron Swanson: How the Internet Celebrates Modern-Day Folk Heroes
Billy the Kid. Davy Crockett. Paul Bunyan. For those familiar with the character of Ron Swanson, the fictional director of the Parks Department on NBC's comedy Parks and Recreation, his inclusion in that list of popular folk heroes doesn't sound all that off. Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, is a brawny Libertarian with a larger-than-life mustache who enjoys such staunch American staples like red meat, confident brunettes, and hunting.

4 Incentives to Inspire Your Social Media Marketing Team
Social media marketing is a constant, ever-evolving enterprise. Marketing through content generation and community building can be draining; the engagement is never supposed to stop and networks, like plants, must be tended to on a daily, if not a minute-to-minute basis. Here are four incentives that can continually motivate your social media marketing team.

How to Give Yourself a Purpose on Twitter in 3 Easy Steps
Recently, television star Courtney Cox joined the legions of American celebrities who use Twitter for publicity. Some users may take offense but celebrities who use Twitter to promote themselves are only guilty of using the platform with purpose and a lot of brands, whether it's an author, start-up, or an established brand, would do well to take note. After all, blanket marketing without purpose is just a lot of white noise and a costly waste of your marketing time.

MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Ning: Where Are They Now?
A few months ago, I was checking the list of referral sources for my blog when I noticed that StumbleUpon was high on the list, sitting quietly among more recent networking superpowers like Pinterest. I began wondering about the other once-great social media giants. Here's a brief rundown of how some of them have evolved since their heyday.

5 Apps to Help You Survive the Winter
The freezing temperatures, the fading sunlight, the mountains of snow and ice and frustration; winter can overwhelm in January, once the holidays end and spring still feels so far away. Luckily, there's relief to be found right on your mobile device or tablet. Here are five apps designed to help you survive the winter with your sanity intact. 1. Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? There's an App for That. Seasonal Affective Disorder, which for many has its onset in the fall and continues throughout winter, can have real physical affects on your body and your mood. While your mobile app store can't prescribe you a prescription or provide you with psychotherapy, this suite of apps can give you a handheld dose of light therapy.

Why Social Media Professionals are Glad Their Moms are on Facebook
To see the global reach of Facebook takes both a little statistical research and a cursory look at your own growing network. Over the years, some have lamented this change as Facebook skews older and older but social media marketing professionals have embraced it with open arms. Here are a few reasons why you should too. 1. Diverse Users Mean More Advertisers. Narrow down the pool of user demographics and you also inherently narrow down the pool of brands and services who are willing to shell out for advertising.

3 Ways to Save Your Facebook Account
You see it all the time — in the middle of your busy news feed, among the links to YouTube videos and cat pictures and photos from last night and business promotions you try to ignore, appears a status update from a friend who has had enough. "I'm sick of Facebook. I'm leaving. Good-bye." Sometimes this is an empty threat, nothing more than a plea for the dozens of comments that inevitably follow wherein the poster is begged to stay. But sometimes, the poster really does the disappearing act.

4 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions with Social Media
There is a reason that marathon runners train in groups. Though it is considered a solitary exercise, only the rare runner finds it easier to meet their goals by running alone as opposed to training among an encouraging pack of like-minded individuals. It's not just running, either; increasingly, more and more people are finding fitness success in group exercises as opposed to just going solo. There's encouragement to be found in a group.

Establishing Social Media Goals in 2012 for Small Businesses
How many times have you visited a business's Facebook page or Twitter profile to discover a smoldering, abandoned ruin? Effective social media marketing programs that operate on a budget require both time and a steadfast commitment to content generation. The best way to stay on track and ensure a successful year in social media marketing is to treat your program with the same care and attention as the income generating sectors of your business.

How the Maccabees, Baby Jesus, and Santa Claus Get Down with Social Media
The holiday season is in full gear. The shopping is almost done, the cookies are all but eaten, and there's whimsy in the air. It's the perfect time, mere days before Hanukkah and Christmas, to conjure up a few ridiculous, far-fetched, semi-blasphemous ways that the Maccabees, sweet baby Jesus, and dear old Santa Claus could have really, really used social media and the Internet.

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Should Be Like Lady Gaga
Performer Lady Gaga truly needs no introduction; do a search in Google and she is among the most searched items, along with Harry Potter and Osama Bin Laden. In a way, those associations actually seem quite fitting; the singer is, after all, both a little bit magic and a little bit scary. Since 2008, the singer has been lauded for her influence.

Applying Small Business Drive to Social Media Marketing
Over the last few years, I've encountered many small business owners who face the same two major obstacles in establishing a successful social media presence on their own: the unfamiliar landscape of popular social media networks and tight marketing budgets. The new terrain makes it difficult for owners to gauge how they should begin and the lack of funds make it impossible for them to follow the route of larger brands with robust digital media campaigns, paid advertising, and promotional stunts.

Shop Local and The Power of Supportive Social Media
For smart local businesses, social media is now a permanent part of the marketing landscape; increasingly, purchasing decisions are being driven by referrals, reviews, and personal networks and savvy business owners are taking full advantage. But it seems there's now a new reason for local businesses to get involved in social media marketing — positive online support from other local businesses. Networks for independent retailers have been increasing.


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