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Original articles from Tristan Pelligrino.
What is the Branded Viral Video Predictor?
The term “viral video” gets thrown around quite a bit. Every brand these days wants to develop the next Darth Vader ad and garner nearly 50 million views. However, setting out to accomplish this type of viral success can be daunting. Where do you start? In many cases, companies start out with a blank statement: “We want to create a viral video.” Over the last few years, I have really tried to caution those who start with this objective. Web video is more than just a “one-hit wonder."

What is the Zero Moment of Truth?
I sent out a tweet (embedded below) last Friday about Jim Lecinski's (Google’s Managing Director of U.S. Sales & Service) new eBook, “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth.” I finally had a chance to check out the videos and the eBook over the weekend. Do you know what a ZMOT is?

What A Preschool Teacher Taught Me About the Digital World
I develop websites every day. I frequently lead video production projects. I help clients develop marketing strategies. For the most part, all of these types of projects involve visual elements. In some cases, it can be difficult to get on the same page with clients when analyzing feedback and working through concepts. However, my daughter’s preschool teacher taught me something very valuable.

Web Videos Shouldn't Have To Sell...They Should Inform
I’ve been a digital content producer for years and work with clients in various stages of video production. In some cases, potential clients start off projects with a statement: “I want a viral video.” Or, “What is your experience with creating something that is viral?” In my opinion, your content marketing strategy shouldn’t start with an objective to go “viral.” More importantly, you don’t really want to set out to create a video that is viral. Even though a viral video obviously has a ton of views, it may not be the best strategy.

Showyou: Find the Interesting Video Content on the Web
Right now, the most popular ways to find information on the web is through a combination of search engines, social networks and other online communities. We either search ourselves on Google or leverage our friends on Twitter, Facebook, etc. As content on the web continues to grow, it will become increasingly more difficult for us to find information. Most importantly, it will be harder to find information that we like. With regards to video content, I really like to have a filter.

Vidyard: Five Reasons to Check Out this Web Video Hosting Company
One of the most exciting things about working with web video is that the industry is constantly changing. We have to constantly monitor new technologies and analyze how video is consumed.

Two Key Benefits of the New Twitter Interface
Last week, Twitter released their new interface. The new UI is designed to be more consistent across all of the native Twitter applications. So, your experience should feel very similar whether you are on a phone or laptop. But, the new design is more than just aesthetics. I found that the new design focuses on two major things.

The New YouTube Interface: Four Things to Like
In July of 2011, YouTube provided “Cosmic Panda” for web users to try out new features. Well, late last week, YouTube launched its new interface for everyone and included many of the features that were available in test mode over the last few months. Here are four things that I really like. At this point, the latest changes do add a much more contemporary “feel."

Zite: Is a Personalized Magazine Good or Bad?
One of the trends in application development these days is personalization. As users navigate on the web, applications collect personal data and serve a more personalized experience. Your viewing habits essentially shape your online experience and dictate what type of content is in front of you.

Producing a Video About Your Product: 4 Key Things to Consider
Videos are a major asset when you are looking to convert website visitors into buyers. Video content provides a way to engage visitors and effectively introduce them to your product. If done properly, videos can become your 24/7 salesperson. But what are some of the most important aspects of developing a product video?

Checking out Google Insights for Search
Marketers are constantly looking for ways to justify their actions and answer questions about ROI. As a result, data has become a big part of analyzing digital marketing campaigns and results.

The Types of Videos Jordan and Nike Should Produce
When I was a kid and took a jump shot in my driveway, I pretended to be Michael Jordan. When I did a Statue of Liberty dunk on my seven-foot jammer, I was him. I used to love Michael Jordan. But ever since his trip to D.C. and his disappointing hall of fame speech, I haven’t been a huge fan. The latest Jordan branded effort from Nike disappoints me even further. I recently caught an article in AdFreak that discussed the new “Love the Game” video developed in the midst of the NBA lockout. Rather than taking the “love the game” angle, I think Nike and others could have focused on different elements during the lockout. I mean, who is really impacted by the loss of games in the NBA season? I doubt it is Chris Paul or ‘Melo. So, just for a minute, let’s shine a light on others who may be impacted during the lockout.

Not YouTube, Youtoo: The New Social TV Experience
We all know about YouTube. We also probably know about YouTube's latest commitment to premium content channels. But, have you heard of Youtoo? Is it the “next big thing?” Youtoo is a new social TV network that adds a layer of social interaction and bridges content between the Web, television, and mobile devices. The social TV network is being launched by Mark Burnett, the famed producer behind popular shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice, and The Voice.

10 Effective Videos Created for Technology Start-ups
I’ve been a part of starting two companies and absolutely love the excitement that comes along with a start-up. Along with the excitement, however, comes a level of uncertainty. The people coming in at the ground level have to establish the brand, develop the unique selling proposition, and ultimately introduce the company to the world.

A Well-Branded Burrito: Chipotle’s Use of Videos to Support Their Brand
At least one night per week, my wife and I put our feet up and have Chipotle for dinner. We each get our favorite thing every time...we don’t even ask each other anymore. It’s so damn good. Recently, I caught a blog post by Jaci Russo that described Chipotle’s newest ads promoting the local farmer. Intrigued by these ads, I jumped over to the restaurant’s website.

Online Video With a Pulse
Video has so many components that can make it interesting for viewers. Video magically combines footage, motion graphics, background music, and other visual elements. So, why are there so many videos out in the world that have no pulse? As the cost of making video content goes down, we are seeing more video across the Web. However, we are also seeing more videos without a pulse. In the case of informational videos or training videos...it’s even more prevalent.


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