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Original articles from Marcus Reese.
Daily Opportunities Abound: Create Your Own Digital Magic in 2012
You already know a brand can be a personality or a company, and both can produce magic. Each and every day new opportunities await the magical spark that turns them into influential memories. Today you’ll see some of the daily magic Porsche gives to its drivers, and I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve done a wonderful job.

Activating Success: Recognizing That Writers Birth the Future
You already know that the digital age is all about influence and response. So as we push forward in this ever-evolving world, we create experiences hoping to elicit a human response. To do so we must write. Why? Because writers birth the future. As a regular person, business professional, digital marketer, designer, or entrepreneur; in everything we do we inevitably strive to be like a successful writer.

Business Success via KBO, Not SEO
A recent Website Magazine article by Peter A. Prestipino highlights a very interesting approach to SEO based on the idea of supporting customers and users through what he dubs "KBO."

The Jawbone UP: The Future of You and Health
For some, the idea of sleeping with your mobile phone or some form of personal technology device may come as a surprise. In this new digital age, many people have become very... intimate with their technology. Over the coming weeks you will undoubtedly hear about the release of something that will stay closer to us than a laptop in the bed or even the mobile phone that rests next to your pillow. I predict it will either become a massive hit or be the catalyst that pushes health and wellness technologies into the mainstream lights. If this is your first look at this device, then I feel extremely pleased to introduce you to the Jawbone UP. To me, the UP is based on the idea that as humans we need to be active.

IMDB: A Look At Its True, Yet Unrealized, Potential
Isn't it pretty obvious that IMDB is awesome? All of our favorite actors, the writers that penned our favorite movies and TV series, those intriguing new movies we really want to see (so much that we just have to share the trailer with our friends)...

When Apple's Siri Gets Serious
Apple's new computer assistant (built only into the iPhone 4S) has become a major source of news and entertainment since its unveiling on October 4th...

Facebook’s Destiny: The Future Shopping Mall of the Internet
Facebook is the center of the Internet (they're the king of time spent on site) so it is clear to see they have their pick of strategic partnerships and opportunities. Combine that with the fact that ultimately everything in our industry comes down to purchases and conversions and you will quickly realize that it was only a matter of time before Facebook exploited their “arms around the Internet" strategy for e-commerce. Walmart is trying to provide the people with a few key things…

7 Keys to the Future of Digital and Business Success
Change is constant, and when it comes to life experiences two plus two does not simply equal four. The digital world is the hottest thing right now because it quickly provides experiences; it effectively leverages the elements of human engagement. The art and process of engaging with people is the most important thing in the world.

Prospective Futures: Apple vs. Netflix, Part 1
There are a number of raging questions surrounding Netflix's personality split. The important question is whether or not Netflix has what it takes to create its future, let alone a reasonably successful one.

Advertising: An Industry of Disruptive Opportunity
In the early to mid 2000s, the marketing and ad industry had an unprecedented opportunity to evolve, leverage, and further showcase its true potential. The opportunity we are talking about is the integration of human fascination, business offerings, and strategic experiences. To best illustrate this we should look at Nike+.

The Rise of Sound
It may come as a surprise that life, thus digital life is simply light and sound. When you look at the basis of entertainment and communications, pretty quickly It becomes a simple concept and we can start to see a pattern. Music, movies, television shows, and video games all focus light and sound (brought to us by a screen and a pair of speakers).


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