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Original articles from Lisa Thorell.
Six Reasons Employers Should Not Use Klout Scores
Much has recently been written about Klout, the latest darling of social scoring that aims to measure social clout, an individual's ability to influence others. Like many emerging technologies (after all, we are at the dawn of social scoring), Klout has some problems. What's most concerning is that employers have started to use Klout to evaluate job candidates. In this article, I list six concerns employers should have about Klout.

Could You Be the Chief Digital Officer for Your City?
A major historic event has occurred. And it’s one that you may well seize upon as an opportunity to make your own future, even while serving an increasingly important civic function. (And I don't mean being Foursquare Mayor of your local Starbucks.)

Why Mobile Marketing Is Hotter Than Social Media Marketing
Goodbye, wallet. Hello, cell phone. Sound familiar? That's how I began my Oct. 4 Digital Pivot post describing four reasons why it was inevitable that we all would soon be using our phones to make purchases in stores and restaurants. This post reviews a few significant mobile announcements made this week and why marketers may want to revisit their current market tracking and education priorities.

The Accidental Genius of Server Crashing
In case you hadn't noticed, there's a whole new way to get media headlines for your software product or app. Make your competitors cry, get the vice chairman to wet his or her pants with excitement, and in the midst of technical chaos, gain a whole new crop of customers on opening day. It’s simple. On opening day of your app launch, have your servers go down. Here’s the flow logic: Consumers want your product, they can’t get it , they get angry, they tweet, the media reports your servers are crashing, and more consumers arrive to download what they can’t get.

Can Crowdsourcing Prevent Another Financial Meltdown?
Apparently that's what Elizabeth Warren, lead architect of the newly created Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP), is thinking. Formed in answer to the 2008 U.S. financial meltdown, the BCFP is tasked with building and managing a nationwide consumer complaint center that will take tips from millions of consumers on deceptive practices surrounding mortgage loans, usury credit card fees, and consumer contract agreements to reported instances of outright financial fraud.

A View of the 'Digital Living Room'
Every now and then, someone posts a blog that arrests my attention. One such post, Mark Suster's "The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room," explores most of the well-known and significant players in future TV (Google TV, Apple TV), but what makes his analysis awesome is his exploration of lesser-known or below-the-radar projects that will affect the next generation of America's favorite nightly glowing emissions box. Here are four takeaways from his predictions.

The New Hipster Homeless: Helpful or Hurtful?
Last week, among the viral videos topping the YouTube charts was "Homeless Man Lip Syncs 'Under Pressure." Needless to say, it's definitely work checking out. Covered by CBS News and the HuffingtonPost among others, the video hit 700,000 views within a week.

Why You Will Pay for Stuff With Your Phone
Bye bye, wallet. Hello, phone. I'm not the first to write about this obviously, but now I'm really beginning to believe it. You see, I have a strange visual attraction to graphs showing a sharp-rising, positively accelerating exponential curve. These shapes are magical mental magnets for me. While reading MediaPost this week, I found a fine specimen, "Barcode Scanning Up 700% This Year." The main takeaway? The new report by ScanBuy, a bar code tech provider, shows that there were more mobile bar code scans done in July 2010 than in all 12 months of 2009. What's going on here? Smart phone users are starting to use their cameras to scan product information and, yes, buy.

Forecast Calls for Fast-Rising Digital Asian Tigers
These days, whether you are doing strategic planning for your technology company or looking for career opportunities, knowing the trends in the global digital market is becoming increasingly relevant. When the McKinsey Quarterly recently published an article, "Riding Asia's Digital Tiger," that included market research and a survey of 13,000 people across China, India, and Malaysia, I sat up and took notice. Two striking projections in the study promise to influence your view of future digital global market opportunities.

Is Visa's Digital Venture Worth Some Credit?
We tend to think of social media and social networks as the domains of the everyman: You can “talk” to Conan O'Brien or Shaquille O'Neal on Twitter, become a star on YouTube, or be part of the new citizen journalism via your very own blog.

The Best 60 Minutes of Free Social Media Advice Ever
Do you want to increase your digital influence? (Come on now, who doesn’t.) What if you could get advice from 60 of the top social media thinkers of our time, names like Amber Naslund , Ann Holland , Brian Solis , Guy Kawasaki, Liz Strauss, Robert Scoble, and, well, 54 other luminaries? Well, you can. All in 60 minutes, and it’s free.

Five Job Interview Lessons From the Movies
As a hiring manager for my own company today and for a few high-tech companies in the past, I've seen my share of crowd-standing applause-generating performances, agonizing wipeouts, and unintended mental head plants. I've done many myself.

Dining in the Digital Age: Seven Lessons From LudoBites
Perhaps you've heard of Los Angeles' latest pop-up restaurant phenomenon. Covered by the The New York Times, NPR, and CNN Money, LudoBites, from chef Ludovic "Ludo" LeFebvre and his wife Krissy, is an entirely new concept in fine dining. Rather than support their own high-overhead restaurant, the LeFebvres are renting a space from existing lunch and breakfast establishments -- for a few weeks. You don't know when they'll appear, where they'll appear, and what they'll serve. They have what we need in these depressed times, and their demand is great. At LudoBites 5.0 (the latest incarnation of their dining event), they placed 3,000 reservations and sold out in the first half hour of listing, crashing their Web server twice. Not only do they have demand, they're profitable.

What if Net Neutrality Died in 1996?
Wonder what all the net neutrality fuss is about? Digital Pivot covered it, as well as scores of other high-profile blogs, after Verizon and Google's recent submission of a joint-policy proposal in regard to an open Internet. What’s fired people up is that the proposal abdicates net neutrality on the wireless Internet and a set of to-be-determined preferred services outside the public Internet.

Three Reasons Why Flipboard Is Not Just Another Pretty Face
I know. I’m late to the party with this post. Actually, I've been partying since July 21. Before that day, everything was beginning to taste a bit like chicken in the social media world. Streams of links and look-alike text messages flew onto our PC screens and mobile devices, and all of it came at me like a fire hose. Then along came Flipboard, the latest killer free app on the iPad. Flipboard is a social magazine that aggregates the feeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts to provide photos and video of the linked content in a beautiful magazine-style layout. Hard-to-please tech guru Robert Scoble hailed it as “the future of magazines," while others have claimed it is "the future of news" and even “revolutionary."


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