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Who are we?
Talent Zoo is your #1 source for advertising, marketing, and media jobs; salary information; career advice; and much, much more. Since 1996, we have united qualified professionals with top agencies. Over the years, our services expanded to include a place to post jobs and share industry news, trends, and hot topics. Talent Zoo is full of useful services, as well as informative and entertaining articles. It's all here on Talent Zoo.com!
Who are Talent Zoo's clients?
Feel free to view our partial client list.

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Can I trust and confide in Talent Zoo?
Yes. We will not only protect your privacy, but also advise you of steps that you, too, can take to maintain your privacy.
Will Talent Zoo be able to help me find a job?
We cannot guarantee you a job, but we can guarantee that if you post your resume on Talent Zoo.com, you will be confidentially notified about jobs for which you qualify.
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