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Original articles from Shivani Sinha.
Native Advertising: The Way to a Mobile Snacker's Heart
In the dynamic world of marketing, advertisers must learn to adapt to new technology and stay up-to-date with the consumer and their unique and individual needs. Mobile advertising on touch-screen phones is perhaps the most effective way to reach audiences today, specifically Millennials. Have you ever heard of mobile "snacking?" It's what you do when you're absorbing small pieces of content at a time, such as skimming headline news right before you get up from bed to start the workday...

Advertising Agencies: Perception vs. Reality
The niche world of advertising is so often construed as fun and exciting that when people learn about the high turnover rate (estimated at approximately 30%), they might be surprised. There is no doubt that there are many advantages to working at an advertising agency. The culture is usually considered to be laid back with frequent happy hours...

Out With the Old...Or Maybe Not?
“Print is dying.” “Television is dying.” “The future of media is in [insert whatever the newest form of media is.]” ​Ever heard something to that effect before? When you work in media, chances are that you have. Don’t get me wrong. With every new form of emerging media, it is impossible for older media to remain unchanged.

Will There Be a Domino's Effect on Social Media?
Have you seen the new Domino's ad? You know, the one where Sarah Hyland orders a pizza with an emoji of a pizza? ​It’s not the first time a big brand has turned to social media in such a direct way to drive sales. Just take a look at Amazon's strategy from last year, where consumers could use a hashtag that would automatically...


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