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Original articles from Victoria Hoey.
Heartbleed Hell
Settle down, all you Chicken Littles out there. The sky is not falling. The Internet just experienced a proverbial “contraception failure.” Chances are, you were NOT affected. Here are a few things you should know about the Heartbleed bug. So far, the first confirmed losses are minimal, The Canada Revenue Agency said that 900 people's social insurance numbers had been stolen. Andrew Treusch, Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), said government security agencies notified his office...

Adver-diculous Campaign-tionaries
Portmanteau (pôrtˈmantō) is a real word. You can look it up. But, since the American population has an exactly seven second– or 140-character attention span: "portmanteau" is a noun that is either a physical suitcase that opens into two parts, or a word combining two or more separable aspects or qualities...

Drive-Through Performance Advertising
To celebrate Opening Day across America, here is a challenge for you: Try and come up with a profession that has pioneered a sport. Hieroglyphics prove that swimming and fishing were developed and regulated several thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, but even folks from Boston will admit that the main reason they watch “Outdoors” with Charlie Moore...

The Google Landfill: How to Bury Your Trash in 3 Easy Steps
Are too many illegitimate children ruining your political career? Have you accidently spilled 400 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, but would rather call it 200 million gallons? Need to start a grassroots campaign on the dangers of grassroots campaigns? Here’s how.

‘Planes, Dames, and Bottles of Beer’: The Globalization of Today
Humanity and big business alike took giant leaps towards one united world last weekend. The following are highlights from the largest crowdsourcing effort, the most expensive Kickstarter movie, and boycotting of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parades in America by sponsors. It’s now 10 days into the international hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Rebranding GTMO – Striking ‘Hunger Strike’ from the Record
Yesterday afternoon, in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Vice News obtained the latest revision of a Guantanamo Bay standard operating procedure (SOP) document. This document, which came under close scrutiny last year, advises the Joint Medical Group (JMG) on how to medically and emotionally treat prisoners who engage in hunger strikes.

Can Companies Overcome Their 'Intern'al Dilemma?
This spring will be the first big wave of interns since the groundbreaking lawsuits against FOX Searchlight and Condé Nast last year. The bad news is: Condé Nast has permanently “discontinued” its internship program. The good news is: Nearly 97 percent of employers plan to hire interns in 2014...

Gogo Flying Food Truck
Inspector Gadget would be proud of the latest marketing campaign for Gogo, the leading provider of in-flight connectivity. Spring is less than one month away and so is the start of festival season. First on the calendar, South by Southwest (SXSW) March 7–16 in Austin, Texas.

'The Good, The Great, and The Garbage': 5 Most Famous LGBT Ads of the Olympics
Here is a brief synopsis of five different ads produced and shown worldwide as more companies choose to make statements against the anti-gay propaganda laws of Russia during the Olympics. Which ones were done FOR EFFECT and which ones HAD AN EFFECT? You decide, and please feel free to your comment below.

Finally, the ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Stunt is Over
All weekend long L.A. residents have been twitterpated with the mystery of a little coffee shop in Los Feliz. Why? Because tucked neatly between an unassuming coin-op laundromat and deli glowed a familiar green mermaid logo and a huge sign that read, “Dumb Starbucks.” Once the hashtag hysteria began, people came from all over Los Angeles to wait in line for hours just to see what the fuss was about and to make speculations on the true nature behind the rogue store.

Crowdsourcing is Changing the Universe
Have you ever wanted to make a huge scientific discovery without all that pesky schooling and hard work? Now you can. Last week, Zooniverse launched its latest “Citizen Scientist” project, Disk Detective. This is just one of their many crowdsourcing programs where volunteers collaborate with professional scientists to help manually decipher data that is too nuanced for computers to accurately categorize. The goal of this project is to help search for stars with hidden disks of dust around them.

RageChill: No 'Thumbs Down' Button Necessary
Remember pacing around your bedroom with a radio trying to tune in that elusive college station? Or, like a scene out of Empire Records, when “all the beautiful little tattooed, gum-chewing, freaks” got to put on their music at the local Internet café?

Spreed This Article
Emarketer reported that last year Americans spent an average of 23 hours per week online. All the information you could ever want, and most of the garbage you would rather not know, is being projected into our brains as fast as our fiberoptic cables can carry it. With the job market still struggling...


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