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Original articles from Amanda Markell.
Scientists, Explorers, Perfectionists: Oh My!
We have seen many companies today helping introduce small brands to consumers. Whether it’s by providing a platform to sell or a space for their voice, companies like Etsy, The Grommet, Beer Advocate, and more have changed the market in significant ways. But there are some companies who are taking it a step further...

The New York Times Launches Native Advertising
During the first week of January, The New York Times introduced for the first time native advertising to their website. As the keeper of breaking news and fact-based journalism, this was a controversial announcement. You will find the native ad very transparent, marked boldly as "Paid post by Dell"...

Content Marketing 101
Lately it seems "content marketing" is heard everywhere a marketer turns. The transition is in the air that interruptive advertising is old news and pulling in the customer with relevant interaction and informational marketing could become the primary strategy for many brands in our industry. So if you’re not yet familiar with content marketing, let’s take a crash course together.

Google Launches Real Help From Real People In Real Time
The leader in search advertising has yet again flexed their innovative muscles this week and launched "Helpouts." Much like the eBay of the services world, Helpouts is a live video-chat network of online learning. The network is composed of over 1,000 experts chosen through a screening process and can teach you everything from how to fold egg whites into a cake batter to mastering the cobra yoga pose. Some of the experts include brands like Weight Watchers and Rosetta Stone.

A Blank Ad in the New York Times
If you read the New York Times Wednesday you would have come across two entirely blank pages with the exception of a small type URL at the bottom of the second page. This was not an error but an advertisement. It may seem odd to write about a newspaper ad in a digital blog, but bear with me. The spot was purchased by 20th Century Fox and the url, wordsarelife.com, brings you directly to a trailer for their new movie "The Book Thief." Here is an example of the most traditional medium advertisement...

ANA Says In-House Agencies Growing in Popularity
Yesterday, the Boston-based In-House Agency Forum, better known as IHAF, hosted their 2013 Annual Conference where in-house marketing agencies from across the country were able to come together and celebrate successful work and share their learnings. Teams present at the conference included Bose, Prudential, Timex, Discovery, Santander Bank, TJX, and more. A guest speaker at the conference was Bill Duggan,...

Instagram Introduces Ads
One week ago, Instagram announced on their blog, that they will be introducing advertising to their photo and video-sharing app. This strategic move comes 7 months after being acquired by Facebook and after 3 years of rapid growth to its current size of 150 million members. The Instagram team stated (in the sure attempt to ease the mind of worried Instagrammers)...

Pepsi's Scent-tastic Campaign
Scientists say that 70–75% of what we perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell. Even more important, smell is closely connected to our mood, behavior, and memory. Pepsi is capitalizing on this science by making their packaging appeal to more than just our taste buds. In March 2013, Pepsi applied for a U.S. Patent for “Releasably Encapsulated Aroma.” This invention, created by Naijie Zhang and Peter Given, releases an aroma into the air when a Pepsi container is opened.

Attention Discount Shoppers: T.J.Maxx Is Online!
Massachusetts-based brand T.J.Maxx launched its new online platform last week far below the radar, sneaking quietly into the ecommerce world. The off-priced brand faces a huge challenge in launching e-commerce, a lesson they learned the hard way in 2004 when it cost them $15 million.

Twitters Gears Up For IPO with Acquisitions
If you are curious about what the future holds for Twitter, take a look at their recent acquisitions. In February Bluefin was acquired, In August Tendrr, and in September MoPub. These strategic moves point to a stronger data-based, advertising-focused company. The first was Bluefin Labs at the price of approximately $90 million. Bluefin products track tweets engaging with specific TV programs; the technology then targets those customers with promotional tweets relating to commercials that air during the shows they watch.

What’s The Deal With Vine?
Since its launch as a free iOS app on Jan 24 2013, marketers have been experimenting with the new social media trend, Vine, and how to best connect with customers. The mobile app, owned by Twitter, features short, six-second video loops...

Subscription E-commerce: The Marketer’s Hottest New Friend
In this changing world of e-commerce, consumers can have the newest beauty products, organic food, pet toys, and fashion trends delivered right to the front door and tailored to their individual tastes and needs. They are calling it "subscription e-commerce" or "subcom," and it may be marketing’s newest best friend.

Gap’s ‘Back To Blue’ Omnichannel Fall Campaign
Keep your eyes peeled for Gap’s first TV spot in four years coming this September. Their upcoming fall campaign, ‘Back to Blue,’ will live in far more channels than just TV, stretching far beyond the traditional. ‘Black to Blue’ leverages just about every social media tool out there today: Visit Gap’s Pinterest page and you will start to get a taste of this dynamic campaign. Celebrities such as Adam Driver, star of HBO’s series ‘Girls,’ and model Dree Hemingway are in seen in photos. Campaign spokespersons give quotes such as: “The minute I started being comfortable from the inside, the outside changed.” “The possibility to be appreciated for something is motivating.” “I am learning every day, the world’s getting bigger.”

Seinnheisser Captivates Target Market at Newport Folk Festival
Curious festivalgoers walked into the Paste Ruins Sound Lounge, finding themselves insides a chamber of the 19th century, historical Fort Adams. Within the granite walls music lovers followed suit and selected a set of Sennheiser headphones off the wall. Flat screens around them displayed musicians tuning and preparing their instruments.


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