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Original articles from Caitlin Quarles.
Kings, Religion, and Laws vs. YouTube
King Abdullah, the ruler of Saudi Arabia (a predominantly Muslim country, with nearly 100 percent of its population Muslim and the burial ground of the prophet Muhammad), has steadfastly demanded that YouTube (owned by Google) remove the controversial film The Innocence of Muslims from its site.

Digital Dating in the Information Age
We do our banking online, buy our groceries online, and stay in touch with friends and family online, so it’s not surprising that some of us also do our dating online. And as with everything else in the world, there are people who exploit those who turn to the Internet for romance. According to a recent report by Glamour magazine, one in 10 men involved in online dating are not real.

Get Away! Find Travel Deals with Social Media
Quick show of hands: who has ever purchased airline tickets from an actual counter in the airport? Not many of you, I presume. So, if you do travel, how do you do it? Do you fly, rent vehicles, or hop on a bus? Most likely, the tickets were purchased online, via a third-party site such as Kayak or Orbitz, or perhaps even the company’s own site, such as Megabus. In an economy like the one we’re in right now, travel is a “someday” luxury that few can only dream about. That, my friends, is false. Traveling, whether it’s relaxing on a beach or seeing the “Mona Lisa”, is important.

Is Facebook's Novelty Wearing Off?
Think back to when you joined Facebook. Were you in college (with your fancy .edu address) looking to connect with fellow students and keep in touch with friends who were scattered all over the country? Or maybe you were a parent intent upon staying in contact with a child and monitoring how your former classmates aged over the years since high school.

A Deal Too Good To Be True
When a close friend of mine received an email from Groupon about a discounted photo booth in her area in April, she was ecstatic. Her wedding is in November, and hot damn, those things are expensive. Groupon was “selling” the photo booth rental for roughly 66% off of the original cost, ensuring my friend savings and guaranteeing friendly, fun services for her wedding.

Mentos Singapore's Not-So-Subtle Ad Campaign
File this one under “Things That Make Me Go ‘Hmm...’” In a somewhat puzzling, not-at-all subtle video released by Mentos of Singapore (Mentos SG), “financially secure adults in stable, committed long-term relationships” in Singapore are called upon to fulfill their civic duty and procreate today, August 9.

Has the Digital Age Spoiled the Olympics?
Although Tuesday evening was an amazing night for the women's gymnastics team and the United States, it was a little devastating to me. Since I bid adieu to Nastia and Shawn in 2008, I've been anticipating the 2012 London Olympics and the next time I'd get to live vicariously through petite teenagers. "Summer Olympics" and "women's gymnastics" are synonymous to me. The passion! The flips! The tears! The dedication! It's mesmerizing.


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