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Original articles from Jennifer Stack.
Pinterest Launches Mobile 'Pin It' Button and Updates Pin Types
On Monday, Pinterest introduced “More Useful Pins” via their blog. The Pinterest team has expanded the types of Pins to include Product pins, Recipe pins, and Movie pins, which all feature specialized augmented content that provide the information needed for the user to enjoy the featured image.

An In-Depth Look at Twitter #music
On the heels of Coachella, but not on a #MusicMonday, Twitter publicly released their new music discovery app Twitter #music in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand via iOS app on April 18, 2013. Twitter #music, is a new service that uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists, bring artists’ music-related Twitter activity front and center...

Reddit Rings In 2013 With a New Tablet and Mobile Interface!
A long anticipated tablet and mobile friendly interface has finally arrived for the self-acclaimed, “front page of the Internet,” Reddit. Hot off their most successful year to date, which yielded impressive stats like 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors...

The 11k Club and the Allure of Exclusivity in the Digital Age
Social experiments are nothing new, but in the digital age they are wrought with crowd-sourced impact and unsolicited commentary, changing the both the purpose and outcome of the investigation. In digital social experiments there are multiple variables existing in a microcosm. A perfect example is The 11K Club, a website pitched purely on the idea of “11000 places available."

Facebook's Newest Facet: 'Collections' and the Aspirational 'Want'
The Internet introduces Facebook’s newest facet, “Collections,” which details a very intriguing “Want” button, an update in the evolution of the ever-changing world of e-commerce, courtesy of Facebook. The “Want” button allows retailers to give their potential consumers the resources to display their wish lists within their Facebook profiles via the integration of the function within websites.

Google's Newest Darling: Zagat
Zagat, a self described “Restaurant Guide with Reviews and Ratings for New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and Restaurants Everywhere”, has recently been acquired by Google, a perfect accompaniment to Google+ and Google Places reviews. The incorporation of Zagat as a consumer service is Google’s answer to Yelp and Foursquare reviews. Additionally, Google’s investment in Zagat, answers the consumer demand for local focus in their digital search and consumption for information.

Differentiating Between Social Media Listening Services
Social Media is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar industry that comprises of content creation, moderation, and social media listening. They provide algorithm aggregation of digital data, which allows for the manual extrapolation of insights to be applied to the optimization of marketing and advertising activities. In rare and wonderful cases, social listening changes the course of a business’s core services.

Facebook Launches 'Facebook Studio'
Facebook has launched Facebook Studio, a brilliant aggregate of all things Facebook from a Gallery for work to an HR manger’s dream (a directory of contacts specializing in social media), an Education section supporting a learning culture, a blog detailing the latest news and evolution of the social platform, and finally the Facebook Studio Awards section.

Fashion and E-Commerce Collide in Hybrid Social Model
Fashion and e-commerce have exploded in the recent year. Now even luxury labels are incorporating online shopping functionality into their websites. Augmented reality is enabling the in-store benefits of trying on an item to impact purchasing decisions. Live chats are available for those who require a little more attention.

Handling PR Snafus on Social Media
Community managers: Judgment Day is here! Dust off your PR skills and wrangle up your best crisis management faces! Social slip-ups are happening left, right, and center; between fake account brand champions and inappropriate piggybacking of Twitter trending, the community management industry has been in the spotlight for the mistakes they have or could potentially make.

The Future of Social and Big Data
The impact of big data on social media will inevitably result in an ultimate immersion. For now, venture capitalists have said that the natural resources, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, transportation/logistics, and retail sectors comprise the early-adopter markets. Many institutions in these categories have already laid the groundwork for the future of big data.

'Rich Kids of Instagram': Your New Guilty Pleasure Online
From the land of Tumblr comes the next big thing circulated amongst digital culturites. “Rich Kids of Instagram” features images from the mobile photo social network with hashtags #rkoi (Rich Kids of Instagram). The setup tells it how it is: “They have more money than you and this is what they do.” It's a pretty straightforward descriptor for a mighty big commentary on the digital social sphere: Could there really be a Tumblr solely dedicated to aggregating visuals from another social network? There is, and it is popular!

Free Analytic Tools for Niche Social Media Measurement
Social Media Measurement is a major hot-button issue in the marketing and advertising industries as investors want to know the quantitative benefit of their monetary investments in the social media platforms. Social media isn’t free; it requires time, money, and constant maintenance.

Facebook Gives Community Managers 'Voice'
Facebook is constantly changing, whether in functionality or the evolution of its role in society. That's what makes it so astounding; it is a stable fixture across genres of people (age, sex, nationality, and psychographics). The most recent alteration is specific to the subset of non-investors/employees most involved in the platform: the community managers.

SnipSnap: Your New Mobile Coupon App!
If you have always been intrigued by the crazy world of couponing, inspired by pop culture phenomenon TLC’s “Extreme Couponing," or just like having the option to save a buck or two from time to time, then you will love the new coupon app SnipSnap, which allows you to collect your coupons by snapping a photo of the image via optical character recognition, image recognition, and barcode scanning. Recently they announced over 1 million dollars of venture capital raised, most likely a result of their impressive stats. The Snip Snap Coupon App hit 150,000 downloads with over 1 million coupons snipped in June. It bills itself as the first app to scan, save, and redeem printed coupons on your mobile phone. Currently it is available for the iPhone.

Airtime, the Celebrity-Vetted Live Video Platform
Airtime is the newest venture by Napter founder Sean Parker and a perfect embodiment of one of the most unique aspects of the Internet: the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. An ode to Chatroulette, Airtime follows the concept of one-on-one video chat but, as its mission statement explains, Airtime “creates shared experiences with people you know..."

Art.sy: the Latest Social Network Modernizes Collecting with E-commerce
This tool is an amazing resource if you are interested in art but without a coveted BFA, as it allows you to search by Style or Movement, Contemporary Art, Subject Matter, Medium or Technique, and Region; every OCDers dream! On top of that, it provides definitions for each of the entities, educating every step of the way. E-commerce? They have it. Art.sy is more than a new niche social network; it is a symbol of what future e-commerce will evolve into: a highly interactive environment.

The Era of Automatic Messaging Cues
Like it or not, the Era of Automatic Messaging Cues has arrived! The newest Facebook chat feature is a major signifier of the immediacy mandated by the latest generations. The undying urge to know everything at all times about everyone has manifested itself in new automatic and universal messaging cues.

The Rise of Smartphone Video-Sharing Apps
The rise of smartphone video-sharing apps is now. Launched only February 1, 2012, Socialcam is billing itself as “The easiest way to take and share videos.” The videos can be any length and can be customized with filters à la Instagram. Most impressively, the videos are stored in the cloud and are viewable from any device.

Celebrity Social Networks: The Next Big Digital Niche?
Social media is known for its diverse array of jungle gyms. There is a niche for everything and a corresponding sub-culture. The more time goes on, the more fringe becomes mainstream. Bespoke is a big part of Gen Y culture and digital native behavior, so it makes sense that more and more interest-specific networks are emerging to allow those like-minded people to connect online. This concept of one secular passion is the launch pad for the newest social niche: the celebrity social network.

2012: The Year of Inverse Retro-Futurism
Is everything old new again? Certainly that is the case in some industries, primarily the fashion and the art verticals, but what about other arenas? Lately I’ve come across quite a few nostalgic throwbacks online, from Instagram’s obvious Polaroid inspiration and vintage filters to Pinterest’s homage to the original pin board to the latest tech innovation sweeping the digital blogs: “The Descriptive Camera,” birthed by Matt Richardson. This little gadget is a webcam and printer that produces “text descriptions” upon seeing a visual in an ode to the Mad Men-era of typists and telegrams. What does this mean for the digital set moving forward?

WTF is YOLO? or, Reaching Digital Audiences with YOLO
A new movement is upon us and it goes by the name of YOLO. If one YOLOs, then one is known as a YOLOer. This latest Internet phenomenon in youth culture is the acronym YOLO.

The Evolution of GIFs
Graphic Interchange Format, more commonly known as GIF on the interwebz, has finally reached critical mass. The surgence of GIF creator apps has caused the Internet phenomenon to go mainstream, allowing anyone with a smartphone to manipulate their own images into fun bitmap image format animations. Since their inception in 1987 by CompuServe, GIFs have evolved from their intended purpose of exchanging graphic files through computers to comical representations of pop culture and life concepts. GIFs have been utilized by every consumer target demographic online, from social networks like Facebook to LiveJournal to owned media such as Perez Hilton. You can find premade GIFs to view the pop culture range in which they span.

Agency or Client Side — Where Do Community Managers Belong?
The role of a community manger has been dissected and expanded upon greatly on the Internet by many different people, primarily community managers themselves. What is most striking to me, having spent a considerable amount of time as a community manger in a variety of microcosms, is that no one ever explores the issue of where the community manager should live; i.e. agency or client side.

How the New Facebook Timeline is Changing the Face of Community Management
The impending implementation of Facebook's Timeline is almost upon, and on March 30 Community Managers globally will have no choice but to embrace the new page functionality. Smart community managers have been strategizing their new layout looks in preview mode, materializing changes without publishing and within the seven-day limit on public viewing. Timeline brings many new features to be leveraged by brands.

The Big Bad World of Sponsored Content
Bridging the gap between brand content and the art of editorial is the radical new concept of digitally sponsored creative. This has appeared in a variety of forms across the web from Twitter to YouTube to Tumblr and so on. Sponsored content is the latest digital advertising opportunity.

BRANDmas: Senior Citizens are Taking to Social Media
Crowdsourced Urbandictionary.com defines a “Brandma” as a “A tired old brand that buys creative young upstarts to stay relevant.” However, the term has taken on a new meaning in the digital space as brandmas now represent senior citizens active on brand’s social media pages and in the digital space. Many baby boomers have taken to the online world in waves.

The Art of Hype
Today’s industry start-up culture is the perfect storm to facilitate buzzword creation as it is always hungry for new and novel terminology and hot to coin any new phrase or concept, which can be materialized first. The environment is right, but should you be adding inventing buzzwords to your objectives? The answer is relative, depending on your field and career goals.

TV Gets Connected
TV is now more than ever a digital experience, as evidenced by Sunday night’s Oscar Coverage. It was impossible to refrain from the program as it was covered in every social network, mainstream and niche, across the digital space. As E! Reporter Giuliana Rancic exclaimed live on TV after a typical Hollywood mishap occurred with on site Ryan Seacrest, “This is going to be trending worldwide!"

Teens and Social Media: Where Marketers Should Focus
Advertisers and marketers face generational challenges in their digital communication with teens today as they are rapidly creating and consuming online content in various ways, whether it be videos on Vimeo or YouTube, images on Instagram and Pinterest, or monologues on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Fashion Does Digital
The fashion industry has embraced social media better than any other industry. From brands to event coverage to niche social networks, the integration has been seamless. Luxury brands like Burberry, DKNY, and Oscar De La Renta are quick to utilize new platforms and trends.

Pinterest: A Network of Simple Curation in the Digital Age
Pinterest, the virtual pinboard/social network, has hit critical mass — finally! Everyone I know these days is a “Pinner,” from distant high-school acquaintances to colleagues’ mothers. It is a unique experience to receive emails in the excess Facebook-quantity league.


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