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Original articles from Greg Miller.
Learning from the Linsanity
If you haven’t heard or live completely off the grid, Linsanity has taken over the NBA. Jeremy Lin is the first American-born NBA player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent and only the fourth player ever in the league who has attended Harvard University.

Redefining the word 'Friend' in the Social Media Age
This article initially was going to explore how the definition of the word "friend" has changed in the social media age. The plan was to start this article with a definition of the word with Dictionary.com being the source. But upon visiting the Dictionary.com site, something caught my attention. Something that just a couple of years ago probably didn't exist. There are six definitions of the word "friend." These all seem to be what one would expect. But it's when you get to definition number six that things get interesting.

The PC Party is Officially Over
It’s been said that you will always remember your first. Do you remember yours? I remember mine. She was the sexiest thing I ever laid my eyes on. I fell in love with her from the moment I first turned her on, and the feeling was mutual. She had everything and anything I ever needed, and I was so appreciative of my mother for giving her to me as a Christmas gift.

When Exactly Did We Start Looking Down?
I can’t exactly pin point the moment, but there’s no denying that it happened and is continuing to happen. If I had to guess, I’d say that it started with the BlackBerry. We stopped looking up at the world around us and started looking down at what’s in our hands. But now it’s not just the BlackBerry. It’s the iPhone that we look down at as we play Angry Birds or some other game. It’s the Android device that we’re looking at to check our Gmail. It’s the Kindle, Nook, or some other ebook reader that we engage with.

Hey Ford, Thanks For Answering My Music Media Question
So maybe I was wrong. Maybe Spotify isn’t the last nail in the coffin for physical music media. Maybe Spotify just isn’t big enough yet to be the last nail in the coffin.

The Last Nail in the Coffin for Physical Music Media?
“Any track, any time, anywhere. And it’s free!” Yes, my friends. Spotify has landed in the good ole U.S. of A. I got my invite this past week and must say that I listened to eight hours of non-stop music today alone. Sure, Pandora is great and Slacker Radio is a personal favorite of mine. Having used both of these services, there was always a time when I just wanted to hear a specific track or artist. Spotify is the answer, and much, much more.


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