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Why You Should Automate Menial Social Media Activity by Using IFTTT
A how-to guide to use If This Then That (IFTTT) to automatically post your favorite stories to social media accounts and boost social activity and engagement.

When Should Your Clients Be Advertising?
Here's the double-edged question that every client is bound to ask their marketing agency: When should we be advertising? As someone who owns an agency, the answer I immediately want to shout out is "ALL THE TIME!" Unfortunately, that's not exactly the right way to respond to ensure that the client's needs are being met. With a question like this, the client is looking to you (their agency) to play the part of "the expert" and provide an answer that will help them shape their marketing strategy for the foreseeable future.

The Invisible Objects That Changed Digital Media
With the advent of tracking methods for digital marketing initiatives, marketers were finally able to attribute success to their paid and unpaid marketing efforts. The creation of tracking pixels allowed advertisers to see who has viewed a web page.

Don't Over-Rely On Your Tools
Speaking with a prospective client last week, I mentioned the value our company provides by having an optimization strategy in place that forces us (i.e. an actual human being) to monitor their display media investment on a daily basis. Do you know what their response to that statement was? "Oh yeah, we have a tool that does all that for us. We check in on it every few days or so," the prospect reassured me. Yikes.

Tracking Earned Media Impressions, Digitally
How valuable is it to your client that their message is passed along to other interested consumers? Made popular by print media, the pass-along rate helps indicate how "sticky" your publication is by showing how interested consumers would literally pass along the content to another interested party. But how is this measured in the world of digital media? It's called earned media.

How Much Should You Spend on Display Advertising?
As a September 2011 eMarketer study revealed, online ad spend will top more than $31 billion by the end of 2011. Over the next three years, eMarketer estimates that number will increase to nearly $50 billion.

The Small Agency Advantage
When considering a digital media agency to take on your brand's latest assignment, have you ever considered the size of an agency to be an advantage/disadvantage? For example, do big agencies produce better work?

3 Steps to Optimizing Your Digital Media Campaigns
Follow these three steps to discover the root of your performance decline and your campaign will perform a full 180-degree turn in time for you to hit happy hour at 5 p.m. sharp.

Attributing Success Across Media Investments
It's time for everybody to learn one simple word in the wild-and-crazy world of digital marketing: attribution. The process of attributing success to specific digital marketing tactics helps advertisers take into account the following issues with marketing investments. First: moving away from measuring success on a "Last Click" model.

Having 'The Talk' With Your Client
"This sounds great, but what does it all mean?" A friend of mine was asked the question above following a campaign recap for a big-box consumer electronics brand. The campaign had done well — exceptionally well, in fact — and had nearly doubled the technology vertical's average click-through rate. In fact, her team had even blown a few other media benchmarks out of the water with this campaign. Still, the client pushed her to actually explain what they had achieved. What traction had they gained by investing "x" amount of dollars in that project? How can she prove that their media successfully affected the client's business goals (i.e. their bottom line)?


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