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How do I edit an existing job post?
You can edit any part of your job posting except the title. Log into your account, go to My Jobs, and click on the Actions menu beside the title of the listing you wish to edit. This will re-open the original form you filled out when first posting the ad. Don't forget to save it when you're finished!

Please email support@TalentZoo.com if you'd like to request a change to a job title.
Can I receive resumes directly to my email?
Absolutely! Each posting allows three methods for applicants - 1) email, 2) direct them to an alternate URL such as the careers section of your website, or 3) choose to have the resumes available in your account, meaning you will have to log in to see them. You will choose 1 of these 3 options with each job posting. The system will default to email. (NOTE: Your email address is not seen by jobseekers on the site, regardless of the email address you use.)

If you want to use a different email in the job posting than the one on your account, that's no problem! You can set the email address for applications with each individual posting.
Should I put my email address in the job posting?
You are free to include your email address or alternate application method in the body of the job posting, but please know our system cannot track the total applications for the job posting if you choose this method.
Can I hide my contact information?
Absolutely! In the Options section of the job form, simply place a checkmark beside any fields you wish to hide. If you don't change any of the default settings, your Company name will be displayed and all other information hidden.
How much does it cost to post a job?
Talent Zoo has several packages and pricing options to choose from. Click here to view our prices. If you don't see what you need, give us a call at (844) 317-8230.
Can I save job credits if I purchase more than I need right now?
Absolutely! All job posting credits are bankable for 1 year - use them any time within 12 months from the date of purchase.
I entered a job, but it's not live on the site. Help!
After you save a job description, and if you have credits available, you must take a final step and Activate the listings. Click on My Jobs, and then click the Actions menu beside the listing you wish to activate. One of the options is Activate Job Posting.
I had applicants in my account who applied to my posting, but now I can't find them.
You may have accidentally archived the applicants. Go to the My Applicants section, then click on the Applicant Archives link and see if they appear in folders based on the Job Title. If not, please email support@Talent Zoo.com for assistance.
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