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Spotify Launches 'Group Session' Feature
By: TechCrunch
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Spotify is today introducing a new feature, Group Session, that will allow two or more of its Premium users in the same space to share control over they music being played. Essentially a “party mode” of sorts, Group Session participants can control what’s playing in real-time as well as contribute to a collaborative playlist for the group.

The company notes that the feature can be used among quarantine-mates and families — groups that are now spending long hours at home together, where they now work, play, cook, dance, and more with Spotify running in the background.

To use the feature, the “host” will tap the Connect menu in the bottom-left corner of their Play screen, then share the scannable code that appears with their “guests.” The guests then join the session by scanning the host’s code. Then, using Spotify’s built-in controls, they’re able to pause, play, skip and select tracks on the queue and add in choices of their own to be played next. The changes any guest makes are immediately displayed to all participant’s devices.

Spotify already offers ways for groups to share their favorite music, but in more limited ways. The company offers a way to build Collaborative playlists with friends, where everyone can add, delete, and reorder tracks. In addition, Spotify Premium Family plan members can listen to a personalized playlist called Family Mix that combines the music that everyone enjoys.

However, neither of these options offer a way to collaborate in real-time, as Group Session does.


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