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Tokimeki Unfollow is Marie Kondo for Your Twitter Feed
By: Fortune
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Marie Kondo has all of us cleaning up our drawers and cabinets, but what about your social media?

One designer, Julus Tarng, has created a way for Twitter users to make sure their news feed sparks as much joy as your recently-tidied desk. The tool was originally spotted by The Verge.

The tool is called Tokimeki Unfollow. Tokimeki is the Japanese word for “ spark joy.” With it, you log in using your Twitter account and then go through each person you follow one by one to decide if you’d like to continue to follow that person. If the answer is no, you can unfollow them right then.

Tweets can be viewed by oldest or newest follows or at random. You’re encouraged to avoid looking at a person’s bio while trimming your follows, and instead, judge whether or not to keep them in your follow list based on the content of their tweets.

While the tool isn’t specifically Kondo-approved, Marie Kondo actually has her own method for doing a digital cleanse for another part of your life: your inbox.



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