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All the Rumors Surrounding Apple's Upcoming iPhone Release
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Every day more rumors about the next iPhone seem to pop up. One surfaced Tuesday about AirPlay 2, which lets you stream music from your iPhone, iPad and Mac wirelessly to multiple speakers. Turns out, if you have an old Airport Express base station you can upgrade it to the new wireless audio standard essentially turning into an AirPlay 2 dongle for your speakers.

If this rumor is true, it's just another tiny feature to look forward to using on the next iPhone. Other rumors point to Apple moving forward on three new iPhone models: One with a larger screenone that costs less and one with three rear cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro.

Apple is expected to release a larger version of the iPhone X -- the iPhone X Plus, perhaps -- as well as a significantly less expensive version. It's worth noting that price hasn't been a major obstacle for the premium flagship so far. Though it's the priciest iPhone ever at $999, the iPhone X was the best-selling phone for the first three months of 2018, followed by the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Of course, a less-expensive version would almost certainly broaden its addressable market. Many months after the iPhone X's release, however, the phone has lost some of its initial sheen. 

In addition to refining the designs and adding in some new features, Apple is likely to deliver the annual enhancements we've come to expect -- new build materials and colors, a bump in processing speeds, higher screen resolution and tweaks to extend battery life.

Meanwhile, the Android world continues to react and respond to the iPhone X. At its I/O event in May, Google showed off the new gesture-based interface at the center of its new Android P operating system. (For what it's worth, Google says it started working on the new navigation before the debut of the iPhone X.) And then there's Samsung's AR Emoji and Intelligent Scan features -- lesser versions of the iPhone's Animoji, Memoji and Face ID that don't quite measure up to the originals.  

Though we're likely two months out from seeing the next iPhone (and we don't have any proof as to what its features will be), the rumor mill is already creating a compelling picture of what's to come.


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