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Google is Helping Fund AI News Writers in the UK and Ireland
By: The Verge
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Google is giving the Press Association news agency a grant of €706,000 ($806,000) to start writing stories with the help of artificial intelligence. The money is coming out of the tech giant’s Digital News Initiative fund, which supports digital journalism in Europe. The PA supplies news stories to media outlets all over the UK and Ireland, and will be working with a startup named Urbs Media to produce 30,000 local stories a month with the help of AI.

The editor-in-chief of the Press Association, Peter Clifton, explained to The Guardian that the AI articles will be the product of collaboration with human journalists. Writers will create “detailed story templates” for topics like crime, health, and unemployment, and Urbs Media’s Radar tool (it stands for Reporters And Data And Robots) will fill in the blanks and helping localize each article. This sort of workflow has been used by media outlets for years, with the Los Angeles Times using AI to write news stories about earthquakes since 2014.


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