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6 Tips For Running a Social Media Influencer Campaign
By: Forbes
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Influencer marketing is all the rage these days. Businesses that utilize influencer marketing have a 37% better retention rate than those that don’t rely on word of mouth. Again, a Forrester report showed that 80% of all B2C and B2B purchases involve some form of word-of-mouth recommendation during the purchase cycle.

Though there are pros and cons with social media marketing, using influencers leverages the commercial value of influence and gets quick results, usually without any cons when properly executed. Adding this to the huge decrease of the CTR for display ads, which is 0.06%, many businesses have started to add influencer marketing to their arsenal.

But how can you create an effective influencer marketing campaign? Here are 6 tips to use.

1. Know your "who"


This is the biggest mistake people make in any form of marketing: they just jump in and try to get anyone who can pay them money.

You need to target small groups of people. You need to be the one who comes to these people's minds when it comes to solving the problem your product solves.

So how can you do this? You need to know your target audience better than they do. That's why you need to go target small groups of people and make your message clearer and sharper by targeting it toward that group.

How can you know your "who" demographic better than they know themselves?



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