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Candid, Comedic and Macabre YouTube Stars Feel an Advertising Pinch
By: New York Times
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Tim Wood sat on a chair inside a house in Hinsdale, N.Y., long rumored to be haunted. He had a Ouija board in his lap and was livestreaming the experience to a group of fans on YouTube.

“You’re not ever supposed to do Ouija alone, let alone in a place that had an exorcism done in it,” he said to the empty room.

As he filmed last month, the comments rolled in, some admiring (“You are one brave ghost hunter”), others fearing for his safety (“Tim, don’t summon what u can’t banish”).

Mr. Wood, 39, has amassed a small but loyal following by making online videos of ghost hunts and paranormal activity, using YouTube to broadcast his work since about 2013. Automatically placed advertisements on his channel, LiveScifi, which has about 470,000 subscribers, have allowed him to turn the videos into a full-time job.


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