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Why Performance Data Isn’t Enough
By: Contently
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Readers of a certain age may remember a ’90s commercial for a product called Hair Club for Men, featuring a gentleman who proclaimed “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.” For lack of a better metaphor, that’s basically how I’d sum up my role at Contently. Not only am I tasked with convincing marketers that our software will solve their content marketing problems, I also use our product to solve our own problems.

As Contently’s VP of content, that means I’m not only interested in measuring the effectiveness of our content, but also tracking the efficiency of our teams as they complete different projects within our technology platform. It’s been a differentiator for me as a boss—and Contently as a business.

Cracking the code
The big challenge our CEO gives our marketing team is figuring out how to drive maximum business with limited resources. If this sounds familiar, that’s because every CEO tasks every CMO with this same problem.


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