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Mastodon.social is an Open-Source Twitter Competitor That’s Growing Like Crazy
By: The Verge
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Eugen Rochko was annoyed with Twitter. The company had made a series of changes that he thought eroded the value of the service: limiting how big third-party applications could grow, for example, and implementing an algorithm-driven timeline that made Twitter feel uncomfortably similar to Facebook. Most people in Rochko’s situation fired off an angry tweet or two and moved on. Rochko set about rebuilding Twitter from scratch.

Mastodon, a distributed, open-source version of Twitter, is almost identical to the platform it’s based on, but with key differences: posts can run 500 characters rather than 140, and users can make individual posts private. Rochko launched Mastadon with little fanfare six months ago. Then last week, Twitter rolled out an update that changed the way it displays replies; many longtime users complained that the redesign is confusing — in a piece on Motherboard, Sarah Jeong asked, “Why does Twitter hate itself so much?” Overnight, Mastodon added users by the thousands.


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