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Virtual vs. Physical: The Two Brand Newsroom Models Taking Over Content Marketing
By: Contently
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It’s 9 a.m. on a July morning in Reebok’s newsroom, and “binge think,” the corporation’s brainstorming session, is heating up.

When I walk in, Dan Mazei, the senior director of Reebok’s Global Newsroom, is standing on a chair, scribbling story ideas on a whiteboard. A dozen staffers surround him, gathered on couches and colorful footrests. Everyone is young and fit, and I feel like I’ve walked on the set of an office comedy. The banter that follows confirms my suspicions.

“Refinery29 headline yesterday: ‘The Magical Advice We Got From a Real Fitness Witch.'”

“A witch?”

“Yes, a fitness witch. She works at Enchantments, an occult shop in Manhattan. She was also a trainer at Equinox.”

“Puts the whole fitness goth trend into a whole new light.”

“There’s a fitness goth trend?”

“Oh my god yeah, people work out in all black. There’s a studio on Bowery. Can you search for it? It has a bondage spinning bike on the ceiling.”

“So, she can be our goth fitness expert?”


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