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Jeff Bezos Wants to Start Shipping Packages to the Moon
By: The Verge
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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to start delivering packages to the moon. According to The Washington Post, Bezos — who also owns private space travel company Blue Origin — has written an internal report arguing that a good delivery service will be key to establishing a functioning lunar settlement.

Blue Origin’s “proprietary and confidential” white paper was authenticated by Post reporter Christian Davenport, who presumably had to ask his boss (Bezos owns The Washington Post). In the document, Bezos says he hopes to push NASA toward develop “incentives to the private sector to demonstrate a commercial lunar cargo delivery service” by 2020, enabling an Earth-to-Moon equivalent of Amazon Prime. The report also includes a description of a new Blue Moon vehicle that would carry as much as 10,000 pounds of cargo, and land on the Moon’s sunny South Pole.

The report has reportedly been given to both NASA and and Trump’s transition team in a bid to get Blue Origin a headstart in any upcoming lunar shipping projects. News of the proposal comes during a period of renewed enthusiasm for the Moon, which was largely overlooked during the Obama administration in favor of Mars. It’s said that the new administration may be changing course by pushing for a faster and cheaper return to the Moon before the end of Trump’s term.


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