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3 Ways Google Can Have More Credible Search Rankings
By: Contently
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“Did the Holocaust happen?” is not a question up for debate. You don’t have to search very hard to find irrefutable evidence. Ask the thousands of Holocaust survivors still alive today for confirmation. Ask Google, however, and the answer is not so clear.

We search Google for everything from cheap concert tickets to long-lost relatives. We place such confidence in the convenience of the search bar that people can settle heated arguments just by whipping out a smartphone. But last month, The Guardian demonstrated the danger of blindly trusting these results. A reporter found that the top organic search result for the query “Did the Holocaust happen” was not an authoritative website providing historical details, but the neo-Nazi site Stormfront instead. This reveal prompted many to ask: Should Google really give uncontested legitimacy to Holocaust deniers?

Initially, Google did not want to alter its search rankings, which would require tweaking its notoriously secret proprietary algorithm. After The Guardian’s article led to bad press, the company eventually made the changes, but they have not completely stuck, sparking debate over the finality of the fix. Stormfront now sits back in the top slot for that search about the Holocaust.


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