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How I Fell in Love With Content Marketing Software
By: Contently
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I’m about to confess something that’ll probably come back to bite me in the butt during my next job interview:

I’m a disorganized person.

I’ve heard this since kindergarten. “You’re going to have to learn to organize your stuff better if you’re going to make it in the first grade,” my teacher, Miss Jessica, told me. Her eyes lingered on my half-open backpack, stuffed with color-by-number worksheets, cracked crayons, and dry elbow pasta, which was garnished with a bursting bottle of Elmer’s glue.

But I was a bright kid, so I beat the odds and made it through first grade. It took me longer than anyone else to find my stuff, sure, but I always compensated by getting my work done quickly. Each year, the warnings from my teachers continued—you’ll never make it in second grade, third grade, middle school, high school—but I survived.


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