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Facebook’s Algorithm Has Unprecedented Power. Here’s How We Need to Respond
By: Contently
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As I write this, a single algorithm controls the flow of 40 percent of all web traffic to publisher sites. It’s the main source of news delivery to 62 percent of all American adults. And chances are that it played a big role in whether you read this article at all.

I’m talking, of course, about the Facebook algorithm—the most mysterious part of Facebook’s all-powerful platform. The algorithm has come under extreme scrutiny in recent weeks for two reasons: its role in spreading fake news leading up to the election, and the filter bubbles it helped create among people with similar political ideologies.

You’ve probably heard about the fake news controversy and experienced the filter bubble. A November BuzzFeed analysis found that the top 20 fake news stories about the election cycle were shared 1.4 million times more than the top 20 real news stories about the election. That’s a terrifying stat, and one that contradicts Mark Zuckerberg’s claim that fake news accounts for less than one percent of all content on Facebook over the last few months.


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