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Here’s Why Infographics Outperform Blog Posts
By: Contently
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For months, my health-nut brother has encouraged me to develop a meal plan. (“Dumplings are not a food group, Erin.”) To humor him, I decided to map out what I would eat.

Suddenly, my menu was no longer determined by drunken noodle cravings. I started to classify food by value. I organized components into categories—protein, fats, grains, and vitamins—that would provide enough nutrition and energy to help me through the day. I hated to admit it, but after two weeks, I felt pretty damn good. My brother was right.

In many ways, developing a content plan mimics this same process. You don’t want to produce content that only superficially fills your audience. You also don’t want to offer them the same thing for every meal. In order to truly satisfy your audience, you have to serve a variety of stories in diverse formats on different channels.


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