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Your Life Will Be a Video Game
By: The Verge
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Whether or not you play video games today, you will in the future.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, believes games in 2021 will be more diverse, more accessible, and simply more inescapable. Your smartphone and your game console will help you play with friends and strangers across the globe, but so might your virtual reality headset, your augmented reality glasses, or just the screen on your smart fridge.

Wilson has a knack for forecasting the future of the industry. In its 34 years, the creative process at EA has expanded from a handful of coders producing games in a couple of months, to hundreds of designers, artists, writers, and actors collaborating for years on global-facing blockbusters. But the past few years have been something of a unique inflection point. Wilson took the executive role at EA in 2013, the year the video game publisher won The Consumerist’s ignominious title of Worst Company in America — for the second time in a row. Under his leadership the company has shifted focus to what it calls “player-first,” creating an internal committee to learn what fans said and continue to say across the internet, and to grow from that criticism. 2016 saw a return to form of EA’s established sports franchises, a pair of critically acclaimed first-person shooters, a suite of successful smartphone games, and a high-profile flirtation with VR.


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