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Alexis Ohanian Reveals How Brands and Publishers Can Thrive on Reddit
By: Contently
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Reddit can be a dangerous place for brands. Everyone from Nissan to Google to REI has seen attempts to engage users on the platform go horribly wrong.

But as Fortune explained in a big profile of Reddit earlier this year, that danger has dissipated as the platform has focused its latest ad efforts on native content. Instead of leaving brands to their own devices, internal teams have used their intimate knowledge of Reddit communities to help brands build campaigns that pop off. The strategy appears to be working. A Coca-Cola campaign, for instance, asked Reddit users to choose which Marvel superhero matchup would make the best Super Bowl commercial, and over 400 people responded. Reddit reports that advertising revenue is on the rise, with 70 percent of advertisers staying on quarter over quarter.

Since returning to the company as executive chairman in late 2014, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has played a hands-on role in the company’s turnaround. Leading up to his keynote speech at Web Summit in Lisbon this week, Ohanian and I chatted over email about his activism, how Reddit is changing for brands and publishers, and the future of online communities.


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