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5 Journalistic Standards That Don’t Always Apply to Content Marketing
By: Contently
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At the end of a long interview for a story about people looking to change careers, my source said the dreaded words: “Please don’t use my real name.”

He didn’t want people to know he was getting out of the field, so I panicked at first. There’s no way I could use an anonymous source. Then I remembered I wasn’t writing for a news outlet. This was branded content. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I’ve been a reporter for over two decades, and journalism’s rules are ingrained in me like passages from the Bible. But these times are a-changin’, so in addition to my regular gigs, I’ve added branded content to my workload.

Although many of the necessary skills are the same, I realized in my moment of panic that not all of journalism’s commandments apply to content marketing. Here are some differences that brand managers and writers alike might want to consider when working together.


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