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The One Email Tactic That Publishers Shouldn’t Ignore
By: Contently
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The first email newsletter I subscribed to was Warren Ellis’s Orbital Operations. Ellis, a writer and comic book author, has been sending these emails since the ’90s, and they haven’t evolved all that much since. His newsletter is mostly text, with a couple links to books he recommends or a talk he gave at a conference, and perhaps a preview of a comic he’s working on. It’s not flashy, but every Sunday I take five minutes to quietly read about Ellis’s week.

The upsurge in email newsletters has mostly been a positive experience for publishers and readers. Publishers get to highlight their best work and reach an audience without competing with the onslaught of social media posts; readers get to look over articles that interest them on a consistent schedule. But what separates someone like Warren Ellis from The New Yorker or GQ is that Orbital Operations is personal. It includes exclusive content that I can’t find on a website. Ellis’s newsletter is more than just a link station.

In a Wired article from this May, tech journalist Clive Thompson wrote about the intimacy of internet newsletters. He describes a reading experience very similar to mine, which only has appeal if these emails are worth reading, rather than just clicking on.


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