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Google Acquires FameBit to Help YouTubers Cozy Up to Brands
By: The Verge
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Google announced today that it has acquired FameBit, an "influencer marketing platform for branded content." That is a lot of buzzwords packed together, so lets break it down. For a while YouTube creators have been making money not just from advertising revenue generated against their video views, but by partnering with brands that want to connect with its fans. Sometimes this means making videos with a product, flying a drone or drinking a soda and reviewing it. Sometimes its more subtle, like playing a video game or eating a snack without explicitly pointing out where it came from.

For many creators we spoke with, this income had become as important, if not more important, than the money they were earning through Google's advertising program. By acquiring FameBit, Google will take what had been shadow economic activity and make it part of the mainstream YouTube platform. That might make earning money through native advertising and sponsored content easier for video creators. Of course, at the same time, it helps ensure that Google / YouTube controls the value flowing to creators, and gets a piece of the action for themselves.


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