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Will Podcasters Abandon Apple?
By: Contently
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When Apple released iOS 6 in 2012, the tech world flipped out over Apple Maps, the company’s late-to-the-game GPS directions app. Much of the press about the release criticized the software, especially in comparison to Google Maps. But the coverage overshadowed the introduction of something that would go on to become an important part of the Apple empire: a dedicated podcasting app called Podcasts.

The early response to Podcasts was also rough, but Apple’s decision to separate it from the standard music functionality eventually had a huge impact. Listening to a podcast soon became its own activity, different from listening to a song. And Podcasts came equipped with its own features like genre filters, a “top charts” section, and curated lists.

As with any rapidly growing space, the podcasting arena has seen an energetic crowd of new players rush in ready to experiment and capitalize. Apple still provides for 65 percent of podcast listeners, as John Herrman detailed in a New York Times article from May, but there’s some tension mounting. Ad revenue increased by 48 percent last year, and some podcasters are beginning to pressure Apple to update its infrastructure and offer more robust metrics to gauge success. Others, meanwhile, worry that asking for too much data could ruin the beauty of a simple medium.


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