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Headphone Companies: No Headphone Jack, No Problem
By: The Verge
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This week Apple launched a new iPhone without a headphone jack and stirred up an understandable furor of discontent. But you won’t hear any headphone companies complaining about the move, even though it takes away their familiar entry point into the Apple ecosystem. Most of them have already been preparing for this change for months, and those who haven’t don’t particularly care about plugging into an iPhone in the first place. I spoke with a few of the major headphone manufacturers in the wake of Apple’s announcement to gauge their reaction to the news.

The universal response has been a mix of sunny optimism, some of it perhaps forced by the lack of alternatives, and practicality. Most companies are ambivalent about the consumer effect of the iPhone 7 change, but all of them recognize that there's plenty of opportunity in having a company the size of Apple making noise around their industry and products.

Sennheiser is one of the best-known names in the personal audio world, and with good reason. This company’s range spans everything from the most affordable $20 in-ear and over-ear designs to the marble-encased $55,000 Orpheus system. Here’s what co-CEOs Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser had to say about the Lightning-only iPhone:
"Sennheiser has seen many different connection standards come and go in the audio world over the years. Audio connections have always been continuously evolving. Digital outputs, such as Apple's Lightning connector, will offer new opportunities to take a step forward and to further enhance the sound experience for the customer. For example, 3D audio technology using digital signals is just one possibility."


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