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How Coca-Cola Turned Its Digital Publication Into a Global Phenomenon
By: Contently
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Coca-Cola is often hailed for its ability to tell stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion. It’s hard not to be touched by the ad that shows a Coke machine uniting people who live near the hostile Pakistan–India border. And most people probably remember the “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial from 2014, which showed Americans of all ages and ethnicities enjoying Coca-Cola products. The video was set to the title song proudly sung in seven languages.

As part of its ethos, Coca-Cola is committed to promoting a “one-brand” strategy that speaks to people around the globe. In a January 2016 press release, the company revealed its official “Taste the Feeling” initiative, which promised to tell product-focused stories that “reflect both the functional and emotional aspects of the Coca-Cola experience.”

Yet while the international storytelling machine is dedicated to stories about the human experience, its digital magazine, Journey, has done so with a strategy reminiscent of the first recycling campaigns: Think global, act local.


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