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Why Top Publishers and Brands Are Creating Dozens of New Facebook Pages
By: Contently
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As Facebook has evolved, so have the publishers that rely on it for traffic. Instead of building one company page and amassing millions of likes, views, and shares, major publishers have increasingly sliced their audience into separate Facebook pages to boost engagement.

In addition to dividing its readership into verticals on the BuzzFeed website (BuzzFeed Video, BuzzFeed Food, BuzzFeed Quiz, BuzzFeed News, BuzzFeed LGBT, etc.),BuzzFeed runs 90 different Facebook pages. The Huffington Post has 79 Facebook pages. Even The New York Times maintains more than 20.

According to Ethan Klapper, The Huffington Post’s global social media editor, when you segment Facebook in narrow audiences, “You’re going to reach more people who are going to have an interest in what that page is about.”

The question is whether this strategy can help publishers and brands please the Facebook algorithm gods. For John Maver, a social media marketer at ThoughtLab, the answer is a clear yes.

“This narrowing of focus allows [publishers] to take advantage of the News Feed algorithms,” he writes, “which rewards content that is highly engaging with its audience by increasing reach.”


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