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When Will the VR Revolution Come for Marketers?
By: Contently
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Have you tried virtual reality yet? It’s a pretty common question among marketing and media types, who are excited by the new technology as much as anyone. If you have tried it, in all likelihood you’ve used Google Cardboard, Facebook’s Oculus, or Samsung’s Gear.

Whether your mind was blown or you found the experience disappointing, I’ve got something to tell you: You haven’t seen anything yet.

Like the first smartphones, the VR headsets we’ve seen so far are little more than stepping stones to what some are hoping will revolutionize entertainment and communication. As they stand now, Google’s Cardboard, Facebook’s Oculus, and Samsung’s Gear all provide one of the major elements of virtual reality: interactive 360-degree video. When you turn your head with an Oculus, your point of view responds in turn, allowing you to look in any direction.


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