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One Metaphor That’ll Help Your Content Marketing Hiring
By: Contently
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Imagine that you own an American-style family restaurant—burgers, triple deckers, chef salads, meatloaf, that sort of thing. You hire an awesome restaurant manager, Kate, who kills it. She keeps the restaurant running smoothly, the customers happy, and the health inspector at bay. She’s amazing at her job, and you don’t know what you’d do without her.

But over time, you notice a trend. People are less into burgers and meatloaf. Your regulars keep talking about the trendy new cuisine they’ve been eating elsewhere—short ribs with kale, seared ahi tuna, dishes that include “cauliflower steaks.” So you make a decision. You’re going to evolve past traditional fare and get into the trendy food game. To pull it off, you turn to Kate and say, “You’re our new sous chef.”

This would be insane decision. Kate’s a great restaurant manager, but she’s not a chef. Yet, when it comes to content marketing, brands make this same insane decision all the time. Repeatedly, they turn to their restaurant managers and ask them to be sous chefs.

“I see an organization make an announcement, ‘Okay, we’re going to focus on content marketing,'” said Baron Manet, founder of Per Se Brand Experience. “‘Hey, Debbie, yesterday you were the senior brand manager. Starting Monday, you’re going to be the director of content.’ These people are excited, but they’re scared.”


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