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Can Longform Close the Gap Between What People Share and What They Actually Read?
By: Contently
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Over the past six years, Longform has become a low-key oasis for readers and writers, a place to escape the daily grind for a quality read handpicked from around the web. Co-founders and Wesleyan grads Aaron Lammer and Max Linsky thought up the site after running out of good articles to read on their iPhones while on vacation. Since then, they’ve established a loyal community of readers, built a mobile app, and complemented the rich archive by interviewing writers of all backgrounds for a weekly podcast.

With some design changes coming to Longform, I spoke to Lammer and Linsky to discuss their goals for the site, media ignorance in the age of social media, and why growth isn’t right for everyone.

You guys started Longform in 2010 and are now in the process of a redesign. Can you give a sense of what the media landscape looked like back then and how it’s changed?

Aaron Lammer: We’ve always tried to design around the users’ reading experience. We don’t really see the value of what we’re doing as the website we’re making, but more the experiences people have when they leave the website and go read an article. I don’t really think the articles have changed very much.


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