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5 Things To Know About Facebook’s Algorithm Change
By: Cision
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” To help make sure you don’t miss the friends and family posts you are likely to care about, we put those posts toward the top of your News Feed.” – Adam Mosseri, VP, Product Management, (Facebook) News Feed
You may have read that Facebook recently announced an algorithm change, stating that “friends and family” will be prioritized over Page content in the Facebook News Feed. While many writers (particularly The New York Times) have been critical of the change, this is the natural progression of branded content to “pay or play” status anticipated by Oglivy with their provocative “Facebook Zero” pieces.

This is an important development for communication and marketing professionals for sure: any consistent, free benefit of posting to Facebook is effectively nullified. However, the change may not be as drastic as some people are anticipating. Which is only to say that organic Facebook reach has been marginal for a long time.

What I want to do in this post is to share five insights around Facebook’s algorithm change that are important for communication and marketing professionals to know.

1. Pay the man (“Pay” = buy advertising, “the man” = Facebook)
At extreme scales (hyper-local and large-scale), Facebook’s organic reach may have had an impact on sales or awareness. For anyone else, the change from 1-3 percent reach to 0 percent is probably negligible. Most businesses who use Facebook to communicate with audiences already promote posts or explicitly advertise on Facebook.


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