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The Best Brands on Twitter Don’t Tweet Like Brands
By: Contently
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Does anyone care what SpahgettiOs thinks about Pearl Harbor? Or how Totino’s feels about the newest X-Men movie? What about when Kenneth Cole joked that violent protests in Egypt were a result of the clothing line’s new spring collection?

No matter how many cringe-worthy tweets we’ve seen in the past, branded Twitter accounts seem fixated on capitalizing on the latest trend, whether it’s national tragedy or a totally unrelated movie release. So how can a brand avoid embarrassing itself on Twitter, or even shine as an account people want to follow for content?

The big thing to always keep in mind about Twitter, compared to other major social networks, is that it’s place for conversation. Hashtags and trending topics allow anyone on Twitter to contribute to a global conversation about everything from breaking news to television shows to hobbies.

But just like in face-to-face conversations, there are certain unwritten rules. Unless you’re already the focus of an exchange, trying to make the conversation about yourself only comes across as arrogant. Also if you have nothing to contribute, you shouldn’t force it. Just because everyone is talking about a recent celebrity death doesn’t mean that Four Loko has to provide the eulogy.


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