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Zen and the Art of Managing Smartphone Photos
By: New York Times
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If your digital photos are a mirror of your life, they may also serve as a reminder that there is only so much you can control and that at some point you just need to let things go.

That was the lesson I learned after trying to create a step-by-step guide to organizing and storing smartphone photos, based on interviews with professional photographers and a week of testing multiple photo-management services and gadgets.

I spent days experimenting with neurotic tagging systems, tedious backup processes and album management, and finally turned to Brian Christian, a computer scientist and philosopher, for advice.

The healthiest approach to managing photos, it turns out, is a Zen one: to not deal with them much at all.

Mr. Christian said photo organization illustrates a computer-science principle known as the search-sort trade-off. If you spend tons of time rummaging for a specific photo, then sorting photos may be worthwhile. But if you hunt for a picture infrequently, sorting may be a waste of time.


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