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Why Is It So Hard for Millennials to Become Content Strategists?
By: Contently
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People may throw eggs at me for this—or applaud me, depending on their age—but it’s hard out there for millennials. They were raised with all the can-do-it-iveness and ambition that their parents could pack in, but when they finally graduated and entered the job market, the financial crisis walloped them with high unemploymentlow wages, and rising housing costs.

The lesson that most millennials have learned is that in order to pay your absurdly high rent with gainful employment, you must:

1. Possess a core skill set

2. Adapt those skills to the needs of the market

In the world of content marketing, there’s good news on this front: Jobs that didn’t exist before are popping up everywhere as brands increasingly become full-fledged digital publishers. A decade ago, nobody knew what a content strategist was; now, there are 5,000 open listings for the position on LinkedIn.

Working as a content strategist can be great. It tends to come with good pay, and it’s not an entry-level title. You get a front-row seat to the inner workings of an organization and a chance to really make an impact by creating a digital strategy. Great! you say. That sounds like it aligns with my interests and talents. So where can I learn the skills necessary to get one of these content strategist jobs?

The answer, unfortunately, is nowhere. It’s that annoying catch-22: How can you land a job that requires experience if nobody hires people for the position without experience?


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